Michelle Is ‘Forever First Lady’ Say Leftists, Melania’s ‘Secret’ Shuts Them Up

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The leftist media calls Michelle Obama America’s “forever first lady,” and they refuse to acknowledge Melania Trump for all she has done to represent our nation with such class and dignity. The current first lady isn’t one to toot her own horn, so it was lucky that one of her “secrets,” from after the president was just elected, has just come to light. Of course, the leftist media won’t report it. You’ll love this.

Michelle Obama (left), Melania Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

The leftist media, along with the celebrity crowd, fawns over Michelle Obama, and now that she has published her book, Becoming, they have officially dubbed her America’s “forever first lady.” Melania Trump, however, hasn’t been afforded the same respect or courtesy.

The former first lady has been cold toward Melania Trump, making a joke out of the gift she brought her when they met at the White House on the president’s inauguration day. Melania has taken it all in stride, refusing to lower herself to the level of those vipers who are out to make her time as first lady a living hell.

The Obamas greet the new President-elect & First Lady, Donald & Melania Trump on January 20th, 2017. (Photo Credit: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

The first lady doesn’t enjoy all the perks Michelle had. She isn’t invited to be on the cover of any fashion magazines, even though she is undoubtedly one of America’s most beautiful and classy first ladies, who the media begrudgingly compared to Jackie Kennedy.

The Obamas were quick to leak all the little anecdotes showing Michelle Obama as this larger than life first lady. Yet, Melania’s private moments and public moments are twisted. When Sean Hannity asked the first lady, “What’s been the hardest for you since you become first lady?  What’s been the hardest thing that you have to deal with?” Melania’s answer said it all.

“I would say the opportunists. Using my name or my family name to advance themselves from comedians to journalists who are performers, and book writers, it does hurt. The problem is they are writing the history and it’s not correct,” the first lady said.

First Lady Melania Trump visits the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx on October 6, 2018, during the final stop of her week-long trip through four countries in Africa. (Photo Credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Which brings us to one very private moment between the president and Melania that, up until now, no one has known about. Former White House aide Cliff Sims was inside the Trump campaign and witnessed the roller coaster ride of emotions that the soon-to-be president and his family went through watching the returns on Election Night.

Sims describes how the real estate tycoon transitioned from frustration to euphoria in the campaign war room, festooned with televisions. Sims reveals Trump chose to watch returns within the space because “nowhere else on earth has this many TVs where I can watch it all at once,” reported the Daily Caller.

Trump literally didn’t think he was going to win most of the evening. He telephoned Rupert Murdoch when the Virginia returns were coming in. The entire time, Melania Trump was her husband’s rock, a calming influence, that he really needed when things looked grim.

What was initially a lighthearted mood was threatened later in the evening by seemingly tight returns in Virginia. Sims writes that Trump openly directed his ire for the numbers at then-governor Terry McAuliffe, blaming his decision to restore voting rights to felons for Hillary Clinton’s advantage.

Trump became so agitated by the situation in Virginia, he began drafting a tweet declaring that he was prepared to contest the results, but Steve Bannon urged him to wait it out, saying, “We’ve got to be patient tonight—we’ve really got to be patient.” Melania agreed, telling her husband that she believes in the American people and it’s not over yet.

President-elect Donald Trump introduces his wife the new First Lady Melania Trump on Election Night 2016 (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Finally, the Ohio results came in and convinced Trump the tide had turned. That’s when it sunk in. He would be the 45th President of the United States, and in that extraordinary moment, he needed Melania. The then president-elect prepared to deliver his victory speech.

Sims writes that Trump was uncharacteristically quiet as he entered Trump tower’s elevator to face Americans for the first time as their President-elect. Melania Trump noticed the president-elect’s suddenly solemn mood, squeezed his hand, and told him, “We’re going to do this together. And, you’re going to be a great president.”

Can’t you just picture President Trump in that elevator as he realizes the weight of the world is now on his shoulders? Any man would feel the gravity of that moment, and so did his wife, who is now the first lady. Yet, she comforted him in that private moment.

This is the type of anecdote you’ll never find the mainstream media reporting on. Melania Trump is a world-class first lady, a fashion icon who represents this nation with the utmost dignity and class that should make every American so proud. For those who claim Michelle Obama is “forever first lady,” they really need to get over their bias and hate and recognize what a cherished treasure we have in Melania Trump.

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