Entitled Michelle Disgusts Onlookers With Her Disrespectful Display In Italian Cathedral

Entitled Michelle Disgusts Onlookers With Disrespectful Thing She Did In Italy Cathedral
Barack and Michelle Obama

Although the Obama family is out of the Oval Office, they certainly aren’t out of the public spotlight. Unfortunately for Michelle Obama, she just learned that the hard way after she was busted for her disrespectful display in a famous Italian cathedral – and onlookers were absolutely mortified when they saw it.

For reasons unknown, the left has praised Barack Obama and his wife ever since they entered the White House over 8 years ago. Despite their obvious flaws, failures, and selfish mentality, pathetic leftists still want them to lead this country to this day.

For those of us with a lick of common sense, though, we know why this is perhaps the most ridiculous mentality to have – and not just because it’d be in violation of our Constitution. It doesn’t take a genius to see how our nation has been in a state of decline for nearly a decade now, and the only people to prosper during the Obama reign was, well, the Obamas.

Using the Federal Reserve as his own personal checking account, Barack seemingly took off more time than he worked, enjoying lavish trips and accommodations – and that practice has continued into his “retirement.” As we’ve seen, Barack and Michelle have been on a constant vacation since leaving Washington, D.C., and freeloading off the backs of millionaires in any way they can.

In fact, the globe-trotting duo is currently in Italy, but they’re not exactly receiving the praise they’re used to right now – and it all boils down to what Michelle did. According to BizPac Review, the former First Lady decided to disrespect the Duomo di Siena, the Siena Cathedral, of Siena, Tuscany by showing entirely too much skin.

Showing no respect for rules and customs, Michelle wore an off-the-shoulder shirt and bared plenty of skin – a clear violation of the establishment’s entry requirements, which are clearly outlined on Mygola:

Q. What is the dress code for visiting the cathedral?

A. No bare shoulders and no skirts or shorts above the knee. Same as any other church in Italy, no bare shoulders and no skirts or shorts above the knee.

Of course, Michelle didn’t seem to give the rules a second thought as she showed zero respect for the dress code of the Italian church. As can be seen in multiple photos, not only is a large portion of her shoulders showing, she’s also bearing a lot of chest and back, in what anyone with common sense should know was unacceptable in a religious setting:

Entitled Michelle Disgusts Onlookers With Disrespectful Thing She Did In Italy Cathedral
Barack and Michelle Obama

Then again, this is exactly what we’ve come to expect from this family as they walk around as though they are royalty, despite their lack of class. But, how else can we really expect them to act when the mainstream media has all but called them gods as they’ve bowed and kissed the Obamas’ feet.

However, it seems that they don’t have so much protection from scrutiny these days, even with the liberal media still in their corner. As it turns out, several locals were upset over Michelle’s act of disrespect to the point that it has spread widely over social media. How many times can this world be crapped on by the Obamas before we common folk have had enough?

It looks like that reality may be just around the corner for these two – and what a glorious day it will be. At this point, the rest of America is trying to pick up the pieces of bad government and abysmal leadership while they vacation the globe. At some point, they will be held accountable for the destruction they caused. One way or another, the Obamas will be exposed for the frauds that they are, even if that means they only suffer the social repercussions.