After Michelle & Media Use Girl ‘Dressed Up’ Like Her, Former FLOTUS Hit By Nasty Surprise

Michelle Obama and her minions are up to their old tricks, and this time, it involves a young girl in third grade. The child decided to “dress up” like Michelle Obama for a class project, and next thing you know, the former FLOTUS is weighing in and the little girl and her mom are everywhere on TV. Except, something was “off” about the entire media blitz, and that’s when Michelle got hit by a nasty surprise.

Michelle Obama (left), Alexandra Dow (right) (Photo Credit: TMZ/Twitter, Audrey Dow/Twitter)

It was supposed to be a random story that got picked up by the mainstream media: A little third-grade girl who just loves Michelle Obama, her hero, so she decides to do her class project on the former first lady and dress up like her as she gives the report in front of her class.

The mom tweeted out a photo of it to Michelle Obama, and then, all hell broke loose.

“Alexandra Dow, a third grader from Diamond Bar, California, knew exactly who she wanted to be when her teacher asked the class to dress up as someone they believed has made a positive difference in the world.” reports the Huffington Post.

“[The teacher] said as soon as she gave the overview of the project, Alexandra’s hand shot up, and she said she wanted to be Michelle Obama,” Alexandra’s mom, Audrey Dow, told HuffPost. “She came home that day, telling us all about the project and bragging that she would be Michelle.”

Within hours, Michelle Obama just “happened” to see the tweet and replied to the girl’s mother. Immediately, the story was picked up by MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and CBS. It’s featured in People Magazine, Pop Sugar, BET Magazine, Huffington Post, Mashable, Yahoo News, and several smaller outlets.

Well, it’s a nice story, right? Except, it’s just so strange how Michelle, who gets thousands of posts tweeted at her a day, just happened to see this one within hours. But, what’s not cute is how the liberal media sucked up this story like it was a lifeline and everyone had to fawn over Michelle Obama for her “great accomplishments.”

So, yes, I am calling this out as a behind the scenes coordination with the liberal media. Michelle’s handlers saw an opportunity to get some really positive PR for the former first lady and called all their media contacts, who in turn gave it massive coverage. That’s to be expected. But, what Michelle did not expect was the little girl and her “highly” educated mother stumbling to verbalize why she wants to be like Michelle Obama during an interview on Good Morning America. 

GMA host Robin Roberts asked Alexandra, “Why do you want to be like Michelle Obama?”

“Because she’s smart… and kind…and she always wants kids to stay healthy,” says Alexandra before she is cut off by the GMA hosts all “sighing” in admiration. It was really pathetic.

Then, George Stephanopoulos, Hillary Clinton’s former “henchman” who went after the women Bill was sexually harassing, said, “And she’s got strong arms like Alexandra.” It was so cringe-worthy, you had to feel sorry for the little girl.

But, there is something else here that is very disturbing to me. Sure, so what if a little girl wants to dress up like Michelle Obama, and I have my suspicions the mom had an awful lot to do with that decision, using the hashtags #ISawMyself, but the most disturbing thing is that Alexandra attends a Catholic school, and it was a grave sin for any Catholic to even vote for Barack Obama.

As a Catholic myself, I can tell you that if Michelle Obama ever ran for any office, it would be a grave sin, also called mortal sin to vote for her, too. Why? Well, most of you know it’s because Democrats promote abortion. So, how can she be presented in a Catholic school as a hero and role model? I bet there were parents who had children in that class that were extremely upset about this presentation. I don’t blame the little girl, she is innocent. I blame her mother, the teacher, and ultimately the principal.

Does that seem harsh? Is it using Christian ethics as a way to “put down” Michelle Obama? Well, abortion is harsh. It’s the murder of an innocent life, and either we are for God or we are for evil. Those who make the argument that voting for a pro-abortion candidate really isn’t that bad, I say to them, if I vote for such a candidate knowing full well that he or she will help make available public monies for abortion or continue its decriminalization, then I am aiding him or her. That’s innocent blood on my hands.

President Donald Trump has struck down former President Barack Obama’s religious mandate for employers to have to provide abortion services and contraception, which Michelle Obama reacted to by saying, “Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice.” Well, Michelle Obama doesn’t speak for the Christian women in this country, and she is not a role model for Christian girls.

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