Michelle Is Furious! Melania Just Humiliated Her With State Dinner With France

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Michelle Obama is not happy with all of the good press that Melania Trump has been receiving. To make matters worse for the former first lady, she was just utterly humiliated by Melania with Tuesday’s state dinner with France.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama (left); First Lady Melania Trump makes preparations for the first state dinner of her husband’s administration (right) (Photo Credit: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images, Screen Capture/The White House/YouTube)

French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte arrived at the White House on Monday evening for a three-day visit with U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania. On Tuesday the evening, the couples are set to enjoy a state dinner that Melania Trump has been tirelessly preparing.

When Michelle Obama threw her first state dinner in 2009, she was ill-prepared for the amount of security such an occasion requires. As a result, an uninvited reality tv show couple was able to crash the event:

The Obamas’ first state dinner for the Indian prime minister in November 2009 wasn’t quite so flawless. The menu was prepared by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson. Jennifer Hudson provided the entertainment. The decorations were lush. But it was all overshadowed by news of gate crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi. They weren’t invited but were auditioning for the Real Housewives of D.C. reality show and somehow made it past multiple layers of security to get into the dinner.

The Salahis ended up making headlines and generating more press than anything else which went down that evening, thoroughly embarrassing Michelle Obama as the incident revealed she had not adequately prepared for the event. At the time, CBS News reported, “The Secret Service, who has been embarrassed by the incident, has said charges might be coming for the Salahis. Two senators have called for an investigation and the Salahis have been asked to explain themselves before Congress.”

ABC News said of the ordeal, “Nearly a week after aspiring reality-TV stars Tareq and Michaele Salahi crashed the Obamas’ first state dinner, new details have emerged about the couple and their daring two-hour masquerade on the White House grounds. Sources tell ABC News the leading theory in the ongoing Secret Service investigation is that officers at the initial White House checkpoint waived the couple in, assuming that their names would be checked against a guest list at the next one.”

Melania Trump’s first state dinner, on the other hand, promises to be a much more organized affair:

The menu is meant to pay tribute to American culinary traditions with “nuances of French influences.” It begins with a course of goat cheese gateau, tomato jam, buttermilk biscuits and greens from the White House kitchen garden. The main course includes lamb, cipollini soubise and Carolina gold rice jambalaya. To finish it off, the Macrons will be treated to a nectarine tart with crème fraîche ice cream.

The meal will be served on both the Clinton and George W. Bush china, which features a green color palette to complement the green flowers that will be featured in the dining room.

There will also be more than 1,200 branches of cherry blossom, all homegrown in the United States, and more than 2,500 stems of white sweet peas and 1,000 stems of white lilac.

The Kennedy Center’s Washington National Opera is expected to perform. [Source: NPR]

The first lady has been tirelessly preparing for tonight’s dinner, and you can be sure that she has left no stone unturned, least of all the matter of White House security.

Michelle Obama just can’t hold a candle to Melania Trump. Over the first fifteen months of the Trump administration, we have watched as Melania shows her predecessor how it’s done time and time again. Tonight’s state dinner surely will not be any different.

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