Michelle Obama Disgusts Onlookers With Disturbing Display As She Struts Around Miami Beach

The American people want to put the Obamas behind them, but they just won’t go away. In fact, we’re seeing that today as reports are surfacing after Michelle and Malia Obama went to a Miami beach, and the former First Lady left onlookers downright disgusted as she strutted around.

Michelle Disgusts Onlookers With Disturbing Display As She Struts Around Miami Beach
Michelle Obama (left), Malia Obama (right) (Photo Credit: Twitter, 2)

The Obama family has been nothing but a disaster for our country. Making literally every aspect of our lives worse, they got filthy rich as their ignorant and harmful policies only made Americans poorer. Perhaps worst of all is the fact that they didn’t care and actually tricked a large portion of people into believing they were doing good things.

Now that President Donald Trump has taken office and we’re seeing what true leadership looks like, there are still those in this country who are having a hard time coming to terms with the truth. In the end, they resist Trump because of nothing more than partisan bias, but luckily, their numbers are dwindling by the day.

Sadly, some Democrat worshipers still praise Barack Obama for his two disastrous terms as POTUS while attacking President Trump, ignoring all the good that he’s doing in terms of the economy and national security. Ironically, this blind support even extends to Barack’s wife Michelle Obama, despite the fact that she literally did nothing good as First Lady and targeted children for what many consider to be torture, leaving them hungry with her “healthy lunches” campaign.

Proving that most recently, reports are circulating on social media after Michelle was seen out and about with her daughter Malia — but not everything has gone according to plan. You see, the liberal media would like for you to celebrate and share the pictures, but some people noticed something rather shocking.

“Michelle Obama and her eldest daughter Malia made a rare appearance in swimsuits as they are enjoying the sun in Miami,” Mail Online reports. “The mother and 19-year-old daughter were spotted walking off Miami Beach on Saturday surrounded by friends – including former Obama administration senior advisor Valerie Jarrett – and Secret Service personnel.”

However, onlookers were stunned by Michelle’s display. As can clearly be seen in the images that have since been shared to Twitter, Michelle decided to put on an outfit that some believe to be “less-than-modest” before strutting around in public for all to see.

Even her own daughter, Malia, was dressed more appropriately than Michelle, wearing a cover-up as she walked around in public. Not Michelle though — she apparently thought that everyone would want to see all the skin she could show. This isn’t the first time she’s done something like this either.

Of course, we all know that the Obamas don’t care what the American people think as they’ve shown nothing but contempt for those who got them to where they are today. Too bad for Michelle, people are clearly fed up with her acting like a spoiled teenager — and some don’t care how they come across while saying it (note the description):

“Thank God this beast is out of the White House,” one social media commenter wrote. “Thank God we don’t have to hear this huge woman being called graceful and elegant when she couldn’t be further from either. Thank God they’re gone so America can heal.” Another went on to add, “What a graceful elegant woman SAID NO ONE EVER.”

Pointing out the bias of the mainstream media, yet another wrote, “IF the First Lady, Mrs. Trump, dressed like this the MSM would be calling her every inappropriate word/name they could type!”

There’s a big difference between letting your hair down and going over the top to the point that people are literally shaking their heads. Then again, what more can we expect from this woman? Not only did she go from dressing like ghetto trash to wearing expensive dresses funded by the American taxpayer, but now, she wants to disrespect the honor she once held by acting like a skank.

In the end, a woman holding the position of First Lady should personify traits like honor, dignity, and respect — but those are the last words you’ll hear anyone using to describe Michelle Obama. She could take a few hints from Melania Trump. Sure, the current First Lady had her immodest modeling past, but you’re supposed to become more dignified and modest with age — not the other way around. What a disgrace.