Michelle Obama’s #SOTU Dress Had MAJOR Issue, Internet Is Erupting Over It

During Barack Obama’s final State of the Union Address, Michelle Obama’s dress caught quite a bit of attention from the Internet after people noticed a major issue with it.

In an attempt to cement his “legacy,” Obama took to the podium, armed with a teleprompter while his pen and phone sat on standby, to lecture America on our shortcomings while espousing almost every progressive political wet dream, including income inequality. The irony in such statements is that the First Family lives like kings while us mere peasants fight for scraps from the political elite, and the dress Michelle wore last night is an example of it.

While many hard-working families and single parents struggle due to the faltering economy, low-wage jobs, and burdening taxes, FLOTUS managed to spend over half of what the average American takes home in an entire month – in less than five minutes with her dress. Yeah, the sleeveless gold dress she was wearing is from American designer Narcisco Rodriquez, and it comes at quite the cost.

How much did her dress cost, exactly? It’s a part of Rodriguez’s Fall 2015 ready-to-wear line, and it retails at just over $2,000, according to IJReview. That’s right, we were lectured about income inequality and fairness last night by a man whose wife was sitting in the crowd wearing a piece of cloth that costs more than half of the monthly income for average American. Fairness, right? Wrong.

The “let them eat cake” attitude has been prevalent among the Obamas since taking office in 2008. Lavish parties, jet-setting on Air Force One, and golfing at the world’s premier resorts – all of which is paid for by, you guessed it, the U.S. taxpayer – have become commonplace for the First Family as the rest of the nation struggles. So it’s a slap in the face to us all for him to lecture the country on fairness, equality, and opportunity as he and his family enjoy the privileged life provided to them by the very people he claims to serve.

Anyways, I thought you guys would get a kick out of this one. Modesty obviously isn’t the strong suit of either Obama, even though they seem to demand it from the rest of the country.

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