Michelle Feels Forced To Cancel Appearance After She Pisses Off Stadium Workers

Michelle Obama was scheduled to resume her big book tour today, but on Thursday afternoon, she strangely announced that she was canceling, only hours before the event. The truth is that the former first lady felt forced to cancel the event. Tacoma stadium workers are pissed off with her and were ready to make her appearance extremely difficult, but she doesn’t want anyone to know why. Don’t miss this.

Protesters for representational purposes only (left), Michelle Obama (right) (Photo Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images, CBS News/Screenshot)

Michelle Obama can’t stand controversy, especially if it involves her beloved book tour. And that’s why she decided to throw shade at her Tacoma fans where she was scheduled to appear on February 8th. This week, stadium union labor workers in the Tacoma area were calling on the former first lady to back their dispute with their employers, thinking the Obamas are champions of the working class.

Instead, Mrs. Obama refused to answer their call. That’s when the labor union organized a big protest outside her upcoming appearance at the Tacoma Dome. “Live Nation, the promoter of Michelle Obama’s book tour, and The Tacoma Dome have engaged a company called Rhino Staging Northwest to provide rigging and other services,” Value Walk reported.

“Rhino Staging Northwest has personnel policies and operations which are not consistent with the values you have represented throughout your career,” wrote IATSE President Matthew Loeb in a letter to Ms. Obama on Jan. 23.

Mr. Loeb asked Ms. Obama to “consider having a discussion with Live Nation and the Tacoma Dome” to advocate for Rhino workers so that workers would have union representation and fair compensation during her appearance in Tacoma.

The former first lady ignored the labor union. And that pissed them off calling Michelle out about her so-called Democratic values. “When you take the stage to talk about your journey from Chicago to Washington and your fight for fairness and health care for those who have gone without,” wrote Loeb, “please look backstage as well.”

“Ms. Obama’s book tells the story of growing up in a union household and celebrates the virtues of hard work. But she has turned her back on hard-working backstage workers, including riggers, at the Tacoma Dome who do not receive health care or retirement benefits, have serious safety concerns, and earn substandard wages,” wrote Sheeraz Raza, who is covering this scandal in Tacoma.

Well, Michelle couldn’t handle the truth that she really doesn’t care that much about the union workers, so she blamed the weather and canceled the Tacoma appearance, and that’s the “secret” Michelle is hiding — it’s the real reason she canceled her gig. The upset workers were calling on all of their union buddies to show up and protest outside the venue.

“With the snowstorm on its way into Tacoma, my biggest priority is making sure everyone stays safe—and that’s why we’ve decided to postpone my tour event to March 24th. I can’t wait to see you all next month, and in the meantime, stay warm and be safe out there!” Tweeted Michelle Thursday afternoon.

It’s true there is a big storm coming into the Tacoma area, but it won’t hit until late Friday night. And it is forecast to be gone within hours. This storm was also forecast a few days ago, so we aren’t buying that all of sudden Michelle is worried about the weather.

The funny thing is the 55-year-old former first lady is scheduled to be in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, and the weather there is the same. In fact, Portland is in the line of fire from the same storm. But Michelle has no intention of canceling Portland. And strangely, there are no protests scheduled for that venue.

After Michelle tweeted her cancellation, one person tweeted, “Please consider postponing Portland as well. We are so excited to see you Saturday, but the weather is likely to be very dangerous to travel in (especially getting home!).”

Too bad Michelle’s fans don’t know this isn’t about the weather, but about her status as a champion of the working class. How would it look if union workers were protesting a Michelle Obama event? She could never explain that one.

Michelle Obama is trying to hide her true colors. She claims to be from the hard street of Chicago’s southside and loves to tell everyone about her father being a union man. Yet when those working class men needed her to step up, she couldn’t be bothered. We aren’t surprised. But sadly, those men have now learned the hard truth about Michelle Obama.

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