Michelle Furious, Trump Takes Major Step To Destroy Her Legacy

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Christmas has come early, thanks to President Donald Trump, who is hard at work making America great again. Now, former First Lady Michelle Obama is furious, as her husband’s successor is systematically destroying her legacy bit by bit. You’re going to love this.

President Donald Trump (left), former First Lady Michelle Obama (right) (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Most first ladies choose a platform which is universally accepted by the masses as being positive and worthwhile. For example, Laura Bush championed literacy and Melania Trump has taken on an anti-bullying campaign. Michelle Obama, on the other hand, made it her mission to micromanage every bite of food that hit the lips of school-aged American kids.

Ultimately, Michelle’s “healthy” school lunch program turned out to be anything but that. With cafeteria workers forced to produce bland and unappetizing meal options, kids simply stopped eating at school altogether, opting to go hungry instead.

This wasn’t good for anyone. Entire trays of food were tossed into the trash on a daily basis, creating an alarming amount of waste. Moreover, kids couldn’t concentrate in class because they weren’t getting the necessary amount of calories or nutrients; if you thought it was hard to get them to eat vegetables before, try doing so without the use of salt or a little butter.

As it turned out, Michelle’s school lunch program was also immensely costly. So much so, in fact, that many school districts opted out, as it cost them less to forgo funding than it did to produce all of that “healthy” food which students refused to eat anyway.

And who could forget the disgusting pictures we saw on social media when the students revolted and began posting images of the nausea-inducing food they were faced with at lunchtime, complete with the hashtag “#ThanksMichelleObama”?

As usual, increased government oversight only made matters worse. No fan of regulation, the Trump administration is now rolling back the Obama-era school lunch program.

Early in the first term of former President Barack Obama, several restrictions were placed on school lunches that strongly regulated what schools could serve students. This change was due in large part to the work of former first lady Michelle Obama who championed health and fitness as one of her initiatives.

Although the goal of these Obama era restrictions was to increase the health of American students, many schools found the regulations to be burdensome and ineffective.

Now, the United States Department of Agriculture, under theTrump administration, is pushing those restrictions to the side. [Source: IJR]

“These reforms that went through in 2010, pushed by Michelle Obama, were well-intentioned, but in reality, kids were not eating the food and we saw that there was a major food-waste problem developing in some of these schools,” Julie Gunlock from the Independent Women’s Forum explained to Fox News.

“Kids were taking their entire trays and throwing them in the garbage,” she said. “One study said that 60 percent of vegetables, 40 percent of fruit was just being tossed. In one [Los Angeles] county, the school made an arrangement with a homeless shelter to give the food because they had so much left.”

“I understand that obesity is a problem, but kids not eating at school, at all, is also a problem,” explained Gunlock. “We need to give more control to the local folks. The people on the ground trying every day to make appealable food to serve these children.”

It’s about time we let kids eat what they can stomach. Frankly, the government has no business dictating what they can and cannot consume. That is a decision which ought to be made by their parents.

Are you happy to hear that the Trump administration is rolling back Michelle Obama’s school lunch program? Our kids deserve better than they received from the Obamas. Fortunately, President Donald Trump is making school lunch great again.

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