Americans PISSED OFF At Michelle As She Reveals Portrait Has Hidden ‘Trump-Hating Message’

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Michelle Obama revealed her official portrait that will be featured at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., but that’s not the only thing she revealed. While most Americans found both of the Obamas portraits really creepy, we are now learning the former first lady made sure there is a very specific message for President Donald Trump in her portrait, and it’s not nice. You’ll be as pissed off as other Americans when you see it.

Michelle Obama unveils her portrait (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images, YouTube/Screengrab)

The Obamas just had to make sure their official portraits would be offensive to those of us who are supporters of President Donald Trump. Most people didn’t see this coming, but it’s not surprising when you really start to think about it. Barack and Michelle left the White House defeated, so they made sure these portraits would be their “screw you” to Trump and those who voted for him.

Barack chose this artist named Kehinde Wiley, who has a penchant for creating portraits of black women holding the severed heads of white women. The former president’s portrait is bizarre and looks goofy. So far, we have not been apprised of any political messages tied to his portrait, but I’m sure they are there.

It’s Michelle’s portrait that is making headlines for a “hidden” political message, and its target is President Trump and his supporters. We get this straight from Michelle’s minions over at Politico, who have a direct line to the former first lady. In fact, they did a whole spread on it, making sure we all get Michelle’s Trump-hating message loud and clear.

Politico’s article, which was headlined “The Hidden Political Message of Michelle Obama’s Portrait Dress,” is written by an Obama loyalist who was given the job of explaining Michelle’s portrait, telling us Michelle’s face was meant to not look like her because the centerpiece and essence of the portrait is the dress — the dress is Michelle Obama, not her face.

Did you roll your eyes? Me too. So, right away, this is so ridiculous, but just hold on, it gets much worse. “The gown is a custom creation by Michelle Smith, closely based on a piece from the Spring/Summer 2017 ready-to-wear collection she produced under the more familiar name of her company, Milly,” reports Politico.

After the article goes on to explain the symbolism in the pattern on the dress as “strikingly modernist quilts created by the isolated African-American community of Gee’s Bend, Alabama,” we finally get to the main point, which is the political message behind the dress.

“The choice of designer, though, might be the most striking political statement ever to be found lurking in the details,” reports Politico, adding, “But Obama and Smith share more than a first name. Few designers, especially those with Smith’s mass-market appeal, have been as outspoken in their opposition to Trump as Smith.”

So, now we all know why Michelle Obama is wearing this huge funky patchwork dress and why her face looks more like Beyonce. It was all done so Americans would focus on the dress and discover Michelle’s secret message hidden in its folds: she hates Donald Trump and anyone who voted for him.

Politico goes on to add, “A longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood, Smith created a T-shirt to commemorate its 100th anniversary in 2017, donating 100 percent of the profits to the organization. Her Fall 2017 collection, titled ‘Fractured,’ reflected her pain in the wake of Trump’s election.”

Ok, this designer has her entire 2017 collection titled “Fracture” because she is in pain over the election? What is wrong with these people? It’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome, and now, we know even Michelle Obama and her favorite designer are suffering from it. Sadly, there seems to be no cure.

Americans are pretty pissed off and weighed in. “So basically the dress is more important than the woman and the poor resemblance was intentional. Got it,” responded “Pandas4Peace.” Yep, that about sums it up.

Twitter user “Some Dude” posted a photo that sums it best, while tweeting, “racist artist.”

Athena Cruz tweeted, “Portrait proves Trump is living rent-free in Michelle’s & the artists’ heads!” Isn’t that the truth? They can’t seem to stop obsessing about the president, and it’s been over a year.

The talking heads on CNN and MSNBC and all over social media were trying to tell Americans just how stunning Michelle’s portrait is and that it’s not supposed to look like her because “it’s art,” and you know, we peasants aren’t qualified to judge art. It was pathetic, almost as pathetic as the portraits themselves.

Well, just chalk it up to another Trump win. The president doesn’t have to do anything and these idiots are constantly thinking about ways to make him look bad. All they accomplish is looking like fools who can’t seem to accept the reality of his presidency.

We had to put up with the Obamas for eight years, yet I don’t recall spending my every waking moment in a frenzy, nor do I recall hidden messages in dresses. We waged our battles over policies, formed Tea Parties, and looked to the future — that’s why we won and are blessed with President Donald Trump, and that’s why we’ll win again in 2020.

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