EXPOSED: Michelle SCREWED Taxpayers, Illegally Giving Our Cash To Daughters

Michelle Obama has some explaining to do. She may be leaving the White House, but that won’t make the fact that she bilked American taxpayers for millions of dollars go away. Newly uncovered classified documents show exactly how Queen Michelle funneled money to her daughters and mother, and you’ll be pissed off to learn how she intends to get off scot-free.

Michelle Obama has been caught red-handed illegally giving her daughters taxpayer money.

Michelle Obama is infamous for her overseas trips that cost American taxpayers millions, but now, newly uncovered classified documents show a much sinister scheme by Michelle. Apparently, on those trips over the last eight years, Michelle put in for reimbursements to be paid out to staffers who accompanied her.

The funny thing is, those staffers listed to be paid to vacation with Michelle included her daughters and her mother. That’s right, Michelle had her daughters and her mother listed as “senior staff” on those trips, so not only did they all vacation in some of the most sought after spots on earth, they all got paid for it.

I guess for Barack and Michelle, it beats the heck out of shelling out an allowance to the Obama girls.

“According to an Air Force flight passenger manifest for the multi-million dollar trip, which included multiple days of sightseeing and a family safari, Michelle listed her daughters as ‘Senior Staff.’ White House officials told True Pundit that as senior staff on an official diplomatic trip, Sasha and Malia could have also been paid a daily stipend in addition to the free flight, lodging, meals, sight seeing and safari.” [Source: True Pundit]

Sasha Obama (left), Malia Obama (middle), Marian Robinson, Michelle’s mother (right)

Passenger flight manifests for Michelle Obama’s international travel are largely secret and unreleased, but now, we know why they have been so guarded. No First Lady has abused her position more than spendthrift Michelle, who has made over 40 personal trips to international and exotic locales while her daughters, mother, makeup artist, and hairstylist were masquerading as diplomats or White House envoys on official U.S. business.

Here is the classified list from her bogus Africa trip, recently made “unclassified.”

Manifest made unclassified from Michelle Obama’s trip to Africa: line 7, listed right under “the First lady” is Marian Robinson (Michelle’s mother), and “Senior Staffers” Malia Obama and Sasha Obama. Carl Ray (Michelle’s makeup artist) & Johnny Wright (Michelle’s hairstylist) are also listed under “Senior Staff).

True Pundit contacted the White house press office for answers and left messages, but they refused to return calls. Michelle went to Africa to supposedly help the poor uneducated children that live in ramshackle huts. Instead, we find out she used the trip to bring along her inner circle and then pay them for going along.

How many more times did Michelle list her daughters as Senior Staff and pack her junkets with personal friends and relatives? How much money were the Obama daughters paid to travel on U.S. taxpayers? Who else was paid? These are the questions that need to be answered.

Here, we thought Michelle was only using us, the American taxpayers, to pay for their trips, which is still totally unethical use of taxpayer monies. But that piece of work, Michelle, was also paying them on top of that — the arrogance of this woman. She used our taxpayer money illegally as her personal slush fund. However, she’s not off the hook yet. Jeff Sessions, the new Attorney General, needs to investigate. Michelle needs to be locked up, right along with Hillary Clinton.

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