Michelle Tries To Upstage Melania, Ends In Disaster As FLOTUS Outshines Her

In an apparent attempt to upstage First Lady Melania Trump, who made history earlier this week when she flew in an Osprey aircraft to visit members of the military, Michelle Obama paid a visit to a children’s hospital, where she read “The Night Before Christmas.” Her appearance ended in disaster, however, with Melania outshining her in every way.

Michelle Obama (left) and Melania Trump (right) visit children’s hospitals to read to the sick patients. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture)

First Lady Melania Trump made history during her visit with military service members on Wednesday by flying in an Osprey aircraft, marking the first time a first lady has ever flown in the aircraft. Typically, they fly in a more traditional aircraft like Air Force One.

“We are off to visit some of our brave men & women in uniform today & thank them for their service,” the first lady tweeted. “I’ll be visiting Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, Joint Base Langley-Eustis & the #USSGeorgeHWBush aircraft carrier today. Looking forward to meeting everyone! #USA”

Not to be outdone, the very next day, Michelle Obama headed to a Colorado children’s hospital, where she read “The Night Before Christmas” to patients.

But Michelle was not content to simply read the children a classic Christmas story. She also broke out in dance during the appearance. It was a little awkward, to say the least.

Michelle was performing what’s called the “Orange Justice,” a dance from the popular video game Fortnite, which has over 200 million users. The popularity of the game has brought something sinister to the forefront: addiction.

Lorrine Marer, a British behavior specialist, even compared Fortnite to “heroin.” Some more avid players have needed to enlist in a video game rehab to ween themselves:

Michael Jacobus, who works with kids suffering from video-game addictions, said about 60 percent of the 120 children he counseled at camps in Santa Barbara, California, and Asheville, North Carolina, last summer were playing Fortnite excessively. Treatment involves a technology detox — their devices are taken away — combined with healthy eating, sleep and group therapy. Next summer, he plans to work with more than twice as many kids, adding locations in Texas, Indiana and New York. [Source: Bloomberg]

Surely, this is not a healthy lifestyle choice for a former first lady to be championing. Indeed, for someone who emphasized how kids need to exercise more, it’s awfully strange to see Michelle Obama performing a dance from a game that’s reportedly causing mass lethargy.

However, Melania Trump’s visit to another children’s hospital on the very same day was quite different.

Of course, the “coincidence” of Melania and Michelle both visiting children’s hospitals on the same day to read to patients was not lost on the media.

Michelle Obama won the heart of the crowd, overshadowing First Lady Melania Trump’s public appearance earlier in the day where she read to kids at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C..

The First Lady read Oliver the Ornament to about two dozen children spending their holiday in the hospital where she sat next to Santa Claus. 

Melania made her rounds dressed in a festive red and white coat with red and white candy cane pattern stilettos. [Source: Daily Mail]

For someone who claimed to hate the limelight of the Oval Office, Michelle Obama’s behavior seems to indicate otherwise. She planned a trip to a children’s hospital on the very same day as Melania Trump. Coincidence? Perhaps or perhaps not.

Melania was clearly the classier of the two women. True to tradition, she visited with patients and read them a Christmas story without any weird dance moves. Melania was the clear winner, outshining Michelle in every way.

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