Michelle’s White House Meeting With Melania Hidden After What’s Seen In Pic

Michelle's White House Meeting With Milania Hidden After What's Seen In Pic
Melania Trump meeting with Michelle Obama at the White House

There was a lot of coverage of Donald Trump’s first meeting in the White House with Barack Obama last week, but there was only a strange silence surrounding Michelle Obama’s afternoon with Melania Trump for the awkward tradition. Just a single photo emerged from this typically well-photographed event, and now after seeing it, we know why their private meeting was kept out of the public eye.

After campaigning hard for Hillary Clinton, Michelle made her anger known when she refused to be photographed with the Trumps, despite the Bush family faking it for the Obamas who didn’t particularly care for the couple. The long-standing tradition of welcoming the presidential replacement over for a tour of their new residence was one event she couldn’t opt out of, so she decided to stick it to the new First Lady with what she did.

It’s no wonder Obama supporters are throwing fits in the streets and acting like toddlers when the wife of their beloved leader is no different. Michelle campaigned more for Hillary than she did for herself, and Barack actually took a break from golfing to do the same.

When she lost to Trump, the shock was certainly felt in the White House where Michelle would soon have to host Melania but demanded to do so in private, forcing the couple to come through a back door, Washington Post reported. However, what Melania secretly did while there was caught on camera shows the class that will replace immature Michelle.

According to the New York Times, Michelle intentionally wore a dress by Latin American designer Narciso Rodriguez, who is a successful American despite being the son of immigrants. Trump’s controversial stance on immigration is a point of contention among liberals, who don’t like his assertive plan to slow the flow of immigrants into this country.

Meanwhile, Melania, who happens to be only the second non-American born First Lady, was seen in the photo with Michelle wearing a simple black ensemble. The designer information was not stated as it always is with Michelle, which is believed to be because she does her shopping herself rather than working with a stylist or promoting a particular brand.

Michelle used her status for personal gain to live a life like her new celebrity rapper friends, and it was all funded by American taxpayers. Our new First Lady and President-elect Donald Trump are a sharp contrast to the family who has represented our country for eight years since they can and will pay for their lifestyle themselves. Trump has already announced that he’s not even taking the President’s salary, which couldn’t be more opposite from the Obamas who took complete advantage of everything the presidency offered.