Michigan Mayor Forces Construction Of Huge Mosque, Residents Strike Back

Crooked Mayor Forces Construction Of Huge Mosque, Residents Strike Back
An existing mosque in the Midwestern U.S., stock photo of radical Islamists (inset)

A Michigan mayor silenced Christian citizens during the approval process for the construction of a huge mosque in their community. Now, he is finding out that they are not going to just sit and take the abuse as residents strike back against the crooked mayor.

The City of Sterling Heights, Michigan, and its mayor, Michael C. Taylor, are embroiled in controversy over their suspicious, allegedly unconstitutional, approval of the construction of a large mosque. The neighborhood where the mosque is scheduled to be built is largely Chaldean Christian, and residents have had enough.

According to Creeping Sharia , “Last month, the City decided not to defend against the specious claims made by the American Islamic Community Center (AICC) in its lawsuit filed against the City in August 2016, but instead to enter into a Consent Judgment that granted AICC permission to build the mosque even though doing so violated the City’s zoning ordinance.”

The decision to enter into Consent Judgment was made during a controversial City Council meeting. The mayor is accused of practices during the meeting that, according to a lawsuit filed by the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC), violated the U.S. Constitution and the Michigan Open Meetings Act.

AFLC Senior Counsel Robert Muise stated, “The City’s decision to enter into the Consent Judgment was a fait accompli. The City Council meeting was a complete sham. Indeed, this meeting was not an example of democracy in action; it was an example of a naked abuse of government power.”

Mayor Taylor enraged citizens who oppose the mosque in a number of ways:

  1. adopting an ad hoc rule that limited speakers wanting to address the Consent Judgment matter to just 2 minutes, thereby severely limiting a private citizen’s right to express his or her views at this public hearing, even though the City allowed other speakers addressing less controversial matters that evening to speak at great length
  2. prohibiting certain views based on their content and viewpoint; that is, no one was permitted to mention religion or even hint at it when discussing the Consent Judgment matter, and certainly no one was permitted to make any statement that might be deemed critical of Islam
  3. directing the City police to seize individuals and escort them out of the meeting if the mayor opposed what they were saying about the Consent Judgment matter
  4. ordering the citizens out of the public meeting when it came time to actually vote on the Consent Judgment.

The mayor said that the addition of a mosque “will add to the wide variety of places to worship across the city.” Many believe that the mayor’s political double-speak is disingenuous, but apparently, a court will have to decide.

Overall, the tactics used to force a mosque on the citizens of Sterling Heights is thought to be part of a trend in government that encourages Islam over other faiths. As this mayor is finding out, many American citizens will not just accept the treatment.