Mickey Rourke Goes On Vulgar Tirade, Shares His Feelings About Donald Trump

Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke, well-known for his dubious past, was caught on video as he went on an unbelievably vulgar tirade, sharing how he really feels about Donald Trump. What he has to say will undoubtedly leave a few people upset.

Rourke is on video threatening to do bodily harm to Trump. The irrational celebrity refers to some lawsuit and seems mentally unbalanced in the footage. The liberal Hollywood crowd is becoming unhinged at the thought of a Trump presidency, and you won’t want to miss the utter despicable behavior of this washed up actor, actually threatening a presidential candidate.

Mickey Rourke, 63, threatens Trump with a Louisville slugger bat.

Mickey Rourke, 63, is a controversial actor, known for his drug use. Rourke made it big in the 1990s, but he fell hard into the drug world, costing him his career. He made a comeback with his role as a washed up wrestler in the movie The Wrestler, which Rourke was nominated for an academy award.

Rourke was caught on the street by TMZ, where he called Melania Trump a gold digger and uttered more curse words than most trailer trash drunks. This is not the first time Rourke has lost his mind over Trump, and he references Tupac and himself as people Trump sued.

“Before I throw this first pitch out, I just want to say — the biggest scumbag on the planet is that maggot with an ‘f’ in front of it, Donald Trump,” the 63-year-old action star told TMZ while playing a game of catch with a friend in Beverly Hills Wednesday night.

“F*ck him, f*ck the horse he rode in on,” Rourke continued. “I think his wife is one of the biggest golddiggers around. I know, I used to go out with a golddigger. I mean, how could you sleep next to that flabby, fat piece of sh*t and get your rocks off? Motherf*cker’s gotta have millions sticking out of his a**hole, I mean, you’ve gotta go to bed with that every night? You’ve gotta be a golddigger.” [via Breitbart News]

Warning: Bad Language

Rourke goes on to say, “He [Trump] sued me and Tupac years ago, if you’re gonna sue someone, sue them for the damage they did, not five times the damage of what they did.” We are unable to verify what Rourke is talking about, and you have to wonder if Rourke’s years of boxing and drugs have damaged his brain.

Rourke proves himself to be another Hollywood loser, who can’t express himself without using the most vile words, along with smutty imagery. If Rourke goes on to make any more movies, boycotting his work will be the pleasure of Americans who see actors who open their pie holes to spew filth as not worthy of support.

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