Massive Migrant Caravan Continues To U.S. Border, But Trump’s Latest Move Will Have Many Turning Around

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As American media shifted its focus on the midterm elections, the migrant caravan continued to push ahead. The group of roughly 6,000 migrants still intends on entering the United States, demanding asylum. But President Donald Trump just announced a new plan for the migrants. It might make more than a few go back home.

Roughly 6,000 migrants continue to push toward the U.S. border. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Americans were stunned to learn that caravans of thousands of migrants were marching toward the U.S. border. Emboldened on by immigration activists, these groups think they can walk right into our country, no questions asked.

These caravans have made their way from Honduras and other nations, crossing through Mexico to enter America. President Trump issued a dire warning to Central American countries: stop your people or else. They all ignored it, facing serious, future backlash from the U.S. government.

As Americans watched these caravans push past Mexican authorities, Trump issued more warnings. He ordered thousands of troops to the border. They will assist Border Patrol in secure our vast Southern border. This show of force has discouraged some of the migrants. But many continue to move onward.

This week a large bulk of the caravan moved from Mexico City towards the United States. Even though Mexico has tried to cooperate with the United States — either by turning around migrants, offering them jobs and shelter, or processing them — the caravan continues to move.

Now, President Donald Trump has issued another order. It will surely force many of the migrants to just give up.

A major shot across the bow from President Trump on Thursday may give migrants in the Central American caravan second thoughts about entering the U.S.

The caravan, numbering roughly 6,000, spent one more night in Mexico City before continuing north to Queretaro.

However, in a statement issued jointly by the DHS and DOJ, the administration said migrants will not be allowed to enter the U.S. illegally to file asylum claims, which is how the vast majority of roughly 150,000 Central American families and children entered the U.S. last fiscal year.

Instead, they will be required to enter through official ports of entry, like those near San Diego, Yuma and El Paso. By issuing the new directive, the President is creating a bottleneck by funneling tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to already overcrowded ports. [Source: Fox News]

Most of the people in these caravans intend to apply for asylum in the United States. Even though they are not eligible for asylum (and Trump has set strict caps on refugee entry), the sheer number of sudden migrants was meant to overwhelm our system.

The result, of course, is that more than a few migrants would slip through the cracks.

President Trump has promised that he had a decisive plan to prevent the caravans from entering. Now, we are seeing it unfold.

He’s securing the border with the help of our military. Parts of the wall are going up and other regions are being reinforced with fencing and razor wire. Now, he’s ordering that any migrants who wish to apply for asylum have to do so at official ports of entry. These bottlenecks will require the massive number of people to wait.

Perhaps for a very long time.

Most will be denied asylum as they are not eligible. Those that are forced to wait will most likely just turn around and go back home.

Those that don’t want to wait and try to sneak in will be caught and deported.

President Trump has orchestrated a system that will not only block and turn migrants away but will discourage more groups from trying to enter illegally.

Immigration activists (and people on the left) were hoping to force the issue. They wanted to overwhelm the border with sheer numbers. But Trump was prepared. He has put the sovereignty of our border ahead of everything else. And he’s taking steps to make sure nobody gets in illegally.

Even if Congress refuses to cooperate.

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