Migrant Children Dig Strange Covered Holes, Neighbors Horrified When They Look Inside

Migrant Children Dig Strange Covered Holes, Neighbors Horrified When They Look Inside
After stumbling upon mysterious pits, locals were horrified by what was placed inside. (Photo source: ATCU 17, Breitbart)

When locals discovered that “unaccompanied minors” were digging odd holes in several locations before covering them with various items, they decided to investigate the mysterious pits. However, as soon as they uncovered them, they were horrified by the reason the migrant youths were using them.

Although liberal world leaders continue to pat themselves on the back for opening borders and flooding their countries with refugees, the reality is often whitewashed or ignored entirely by the media and authorities. A disproportionate increase in crimes and terrorist attacks committed by migrants is sweeping Europe, transforming once thriving tourist hotspots into Sharia-governed “no-go zones,” in which even law enforcement officers dare not venture. For the remaining migrant-controlled areas that police still patrol, asylum seekers have concocted a disturbing tactic to drive them out or, at least, to “cast terror into their hearts.”

In a shock report that liberal French media are keeping hushed, migrant youth gangs have adopted a new barbaric strategy when dealing with local police officers. French online newspaper ACTU 17 reports that concerned citizens have produced testimonies and photographs of moderate-sized holes in Trois Ponts that migrant youths are digging and booby-trapping in order to lure police officers and injure or kill them.

Locals, who wish to remain unnamed for security purposes, described the holes as trous-de-loup, or medieval-style “tiger pits,” which the migrant youth gangs outfitted with sharp objects that could slice or impale intended targets. The pits are dug just deep enough for migrants to place sticks or metal tools inside before a makeshift covering is placed over them. Migrant offenders could then antagonize officers to give chase, leading them directly over the pits in order to seriously injure them or worse. The pits would be most effective at night when they are virtually invisible to unsuspecting authorities.

Migrant Children Dig Strange Covered Holes, Neighbors Horrified When They Look Inside
The holes (left and center), referred to as “tiger pits,” were outfitted with sharp objects, similar to the stock image on the right, for the purpose of impaling police officers who give chase to migrant offenders. (Photo Source: ACTU 17, Arutz Sheva)

No reports have surfaced alleging any injuries due to the pits. Citizens have reported several locations in the Roubaix area to law enforcement officials who confirmed that the holes contain various hand-made boobytraps. Investigators are currently looking into the matter but declined to give any further details, according to Arutz Sheva 7.

Authorities have given no official number but admitted that there were “many” pitfalls in Trois Pont. Now, the already overwhelmed police departments have yet another threat to their lives during this so-called refugee crisis.

A French citizen known only as Alexandre told jihad expert and anti-Sharia activist Pamela Geller that the pits sinisterly resemble the Hamas-funded terror tunnels constantly created by Palestinian settlers in a bid to enter Israel and slaughter innocent civilians.

“French suburbs, new gaza tunnel? Holes dug and camouflaged to trap police at night during pursuit races. Several testimonies and photographs have been received from the residents of the district of Trois Ponts in Roubaix. A group of young individuals dug holes 60 cm (23 inches) deep on average and covered them to camouflage them. Their goal ? Attract police officers in pursuit races at night to trap them. According to several consistent testimonies, these traps worthy of North American trappers contain sharp metal objects to injure police officers.”

Despite French officials gushing over France’s multiculturalism and tolerance, investigative reports exposing the damage caused by mass Muslim migration could not be stifled. Suburbs like Sevran are now overrun with Muslim migrants who prohibit women from roaming undisturbed. Gender segregation and misogyny inherent in Sharia law are enforced by the new migrant residents while authorities do nothing to stop it. The few remaining feminists who fought back and reported this small-scale conquest were eventually forced to move from the neighborhood.

Several Parisian suburbs are now considered unsafe for women as Muslim migrants sexually and physically harass females who wear “immodest” clothing or walk without a male escort. Videos and photos have surfaced showcasing streets filled with only migrant men, making French neighborhoods appear more akin to Pakistani or Afghan markets.

As long as France continues to import thousands of Muslims who despise French values and laws, the diversity and multiculturalism they so deeply esteem will continue to diminish until all that’s left is another Sharia-ruled Islamic wasteland. As is the case in over 50 Muslim-majority countries to date, where Islam festers, freedom dies.

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