Migrant Kids Sexually Assault Little Girl, School Excuses It With 5 Words

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A 9-year-old white girl was repeatedly beaten, sexually assaulted, and emotionally tormented by a group of migrant children at her school. However, instead of reporting it to the authorities, the school decided to cover up the sickening abuse, giving outraged parents a 5-word, infuriating excuse.

Thanks to “multiculturalism” and political correctness, Sweden is not only covering up sexual assaults by Muslim migrant men but by their children as well.

A fourth grader at a Swedish public school in Eskilstuna got her first introduction to multiculturalism, the leftist pipe dream that all cultures are created equal and can happily coexist. Unfortunately, this helpless little girl serves as the perfect example of not only why this is blatant propaganda perpetuated to further the liberal agenda but also that the more aggressive, inhumane culture always overtakes the tolerant, progressive culture if given the chance.

The parents of the young girl demanded answers after their child revealed the horrors she was forced to face on a daily basis. The child explained that she was regularly called “p*ssy” and “wh*re,” and subjected to beatings on the school playground and bus. The final straw came when she shamefully divulged how some of the students had pulled her pants down in the cafeteria and proceeded to grind sexually against her while the other children watched.

When the parents confronted the school, they were shocked at the condescending response they received. Fria Tider reports, the school excused the abuse by saying that the girl was a natural target because “she is blonde and sweet.”

We got explained to us by a school staff that our daughter was blonde and sweet and so excited to embark on. She had a mind of her own and it made it even more fun for them,” the mother told Swedish Television News Sörmland. “My daughter was standing with a tray in the dining room. Then, they pulled down her pants and humped her while everyone watched.”

The school knew about the abuse and only offered to remedy it by driving her home, separate from the bus when it became too severe for her to stand. Of course, this solved nothing. Instead, the migrant boys would arrive at her house and wait for her to get home, according to SVT.

“A day before, the group ran to her home from school and surrounded her outside the home. They threatened to ‘pick her,'” her mother said, again referring to sexual assault.

The parents met several times with school officials, hoping that their pleas would prompt them to protect their daughter. After many attempts to cover up the abuse instead of dealing with it, the victim and her parents were forced to change school districts to escape the threats. Realizing that the school had no intention of reprimanding the suspects, the family reported the incidents to local police.

Currently, the school is being investigated by child services over claims that the school’s negligence resulted in the victim being subjected to further violations relating to her gender. Investigators are working with the staff and parents to uncover the extent of harassment the child suffered.

Migrant Kids Beat, Sexually Assault 9-Year-Old Girl, School Excuses It With 5 Words
Many of the “schoolchildren” in Sweden are actually grown migrant men. This blatant ignorance was brought to light when Sweden boasted that Saad Alsaud (right) was the country’s “fastest 14-year-old.”

What the media is refusing to report is that these children are undoubtedly migrants, as their behavior and the school’s excuse are evident of this “cultural diversity.” Based on their explanation, the school practically admitted that the children committed hate crimes, motivated by race and gender, and their staff didn’t see anything reportable about it.

Of course, if the victim had been a Muslim or racial minority, things definitely would’ve played out differently. In fact, even California recently introduced a bill that will protect only Muslims from bullying. In short, Islam is a protected special interest group of which the First Amendment free speech doesn’t apply.

Sadly, because of political correctness like this, Sweden is now considered the rape capital of the West, boasting that 1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped as sexual assaults have increased by nearly 500 percent. Around 77 percent of these rapes are committed by migrants, mostly from Muslim countries.

Unfortunately, this behavior isn’t only happening in Sweden. This is occurring at the hands of migrant students in schools all over the world, including in a Canadian school where Muslim refugee children beat and choked children with chains.

These children have been raised in a culture that demands women cover up in headscarves and sheets because, if they don’t, they’re deserving of rape or beatings. They are further indoctrinated by parents who believe that abusing women and treating them like property is the duty of all men. How then can we possibly expect these children to tolerate and respect our culture, one that they have been taught from birth to hate? Get ready, because this is headed to your neighborhood.

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