Migrant Has A “Sexual Emergency” At A Pool, 10-Year-Old Pays The Price

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Most Americans were reeling on December 2nd from the news of an Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California. As it turned out, there was another terrorist assault taking place in a swimming pool in Vienna, Austria. A migrant was having what he referred to as a “sexual emergency,” and an innocent child was on the receiving end.

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A 10-year-old boy was savagely raped at a swimming pool. The attack was so brutal that the young boy required hospitalization for his injuries, which surely went well beyond just what he had to deal with physically.

The perpetrator, a 20-year-old Iraqi “Syrian refugee,” admitted that he knew what he had done was wrong. He claimed that he just couldn’t help himself, as he hadn’t had sex in months.

The offending invader, who entered Austria through the Balkans on September 13th, admitted to pulling the young boy into a changing cubicle at a public pool where he then sodomized him. Nobody heard the young boy as he cried out for help, or perhaps they were too afraid to intervene.

Rather than fleeing the scene afterwards, the perpetrator continued to dive on the three meter board. The boy eventually emerged, injured and shaken, reporting what had happened to a lifeguard and identifying the assailant.

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Police were immediately called, with the Iraqi arrested at the scene and the boy transported to a local hospital.

In his interrogation, the perpetrator described his situation as a “sexual emergency,” that he hadn’t had sex in four months. He indicated that he had no choice but to brutalize and violate the young boy. He said, “I couldn’t stand not having sex as I have excess sexual energy.”

The Iraqi admitted he had made “a huge mistake” and that he had known it would “scar the boy.” The refugee can expect to experience much of the same sort of thing repeatedly over the course of what will hopefully be a very long imprisonment.

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The responsibility for dealing with these “sexual emergencies” should rightfully fall upon the leaders of these nations that are welcoming in the so-called refugees. It seems only fair that they should also be locked up with the many perpetrators, like this pig, on a rotating basis. Once every four months per offender seems appropriate, at the critical time when their “excess sexual energies” most need to be relieved. Since they’re willing to saddle the citizens of Europe with these problems, why not let them experience the consequences of their misguided dictates firsthand?