WATCH: Sneaky Migrant Steals From The Wrong Car, Gets Brutal Surprise He Never Saw Coming

A shocking video is circulating across social media, documenting the devastating effect that liberal immigration policies are having on citizens and local communities. As it turns out, a sneaky migrant decided to take what wasn’t his – but little did he know, he was about to steal from the wrong car and get a brutal surprise that he never saw coming.

WATCH: Sneaky Migrant Steals From The Wrong Car, Gets Brutal Surprise He Never Saw Coming
Images from video shot in England

The incident reportedly took place in London, England, where several migrants have settled after being allowed into the country. Of course, we’ve seen countless reasons why the liberal lawmaker’s decisions have not been in the best interest of English citizens, and those examples are still pouring in.

In fact, a recent incident was all caught on video, allowing for enraged social media users to share it all around the globe. The clip begins by showing a man, who was identified in the YouTube video and by Bare Naked Islam as a migrant, riding his bicycle up to a luxury SUV.

Of course, seeing how he’s on a bike, it’s safe to assume that the $50,000+ Range Rover that he was breaking into wasn’t his. The camera that caught the entire ordeal kept rolling as the man rifled through someone else’s belongings, removing a few bags and some clothes from the trunk before heading to the front of the vehicle.

The migrant continued to see what he could take, likely in hopes of making a few bucks – but his efforts would be short-lived. After he was done rummaging through the stranger’s car, he gathered the bags he had found before trying to ride off into the sunset. Too bad for him, he wouldn’t even be able to get rolling before he got a brutal surprise that he never saw coming.

As it turns out, a police car was headed his way and wasn’t about to let the little punk get away with taking what wasn’t his. Although it’s unclear if the police presence was sheer coincidence or if someone called, they showed up in the nick of time. Just as the migrant was starting to leave, they pulled up to cut him off, resulting in the punk making a u-turn in a desperate attempt to flee.

As previously noted, these cops weren’t about to let that happen and took chase before bashing the scurrying thief with the door of their vehicle, ultimately knocking him down and ending the extremely brief pursuit. After peeling the idiot off the pavement, the police then subsequently placed him in cuffs before hauling him off to jail.

Sadly, this video just shows what so many people are concerned with when it comes to allowing migrants in without question. Although the left doesn’t want you to know it, these people are bringing their barbaric and third-world culture along with them and have no real interest in assimilating with modern and civilized life.

With all sorts of crimes from assault and theft to even rape and murder on the rise because of these people, you’d think that society would wake up and smell the roses. Until then, though, it’s nice to know that we have police officers standing at the ready to take down punks like this wherever they find them. After all, if you’re not going to do right on your own, someone else is going to have to make you – one way or another.

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