VP Mike Pence On Stand-By To Rescue Kavanaugh, Nail-Biter Comes Down To 1 Vote

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Vice President Mike Pence is on stand-by. The Senate voted Friday morning to advance Judge Brett Kavanaugh out of the debate-phase to the final vote which will take place Saturday afternoon. But the pressure is mounting on certain key senators which means this is definitely not a done deal. In fact, new information has come to light that makes it a very good possibility it will be Mike Pence to the rescue. Here’s everything you need to know.

President Donald Trump & Vice President Mike Pence (Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Thanks to Barack Obama’s good friend Senator Harry Reid who back in 2011 passed the “nuclear option,” the Senate can confirm Brett Kavanaugh with a simple majority of one vote. So, the Democrats only have themselves to blame as all of their dirty tricks are coming back to haunt them in the age of Trump.

Friday morning, Kavanaugh passed out of cloture to the final vote 51-49. Most shocking was GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) who voted “No” and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin (West Virginia) who voted “Yes.” GOP Senators Jeff Flake (Arizona) and Susan Collins (Maine) also voted “Yes.” But it’s not over.

Immediately after the Friday vote ended, Collins stated she would make a statement later in the day which many people said she may change her vote. The snowflakes bombarded the two female GOP senators, Collins and Murkowski, screaming, yelling, and weeping about sexual assault.

Murkowski’s reason for voting “No” is ridiculous. “I believe Brett Kavanaugh is a good man,” says Murkowski. “In my view, he’s not the right man for the court at this time.” The key takeaway is she thinks confirming Kavanaugh would damage the people’s trust in the Supreme Court.

This Murkowski quote sums up her “No” vote on Kavanaugh: “If people who are victims, if people feel that there’s no fairness in our system, particularly within our courts, we’ve gone down a path that is not good and right for this country,” tweeted Buzzfeed reporter Paul McLeod.

Huh? What about the people who will see a good man taken down and ruined over uncorroborated accusations? Wouldn’t that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the rule of law no longer matters in the United States? Wouldn’t that egg on the leftists to use these smear tactics again and again?

Senator Murkowski must not have seen the polls. Suburban women are outraged over the fake allegations. Laura Ingraham tweeted, “WOMEN’s RAGE: Marist Poll: Generic Ballot among Suburban Women: Dems have lost 21 pts of their lead on Repubs during weeks of Kavanaugh confirmation.”

What it will come down to is how Flake and Collins vote. And that’s where it gets tricky. Also, GOP Senator Steve Daines is due to walk his daughter down the aisle back in Montana on Saturday, but we have been assured a flight is scheduled to bring him back if needed.

So, if Flake votes “Yes” and Collins votes “No,” that will put big pressure on the Democrat Joe Manchin. Commentators have said Manchin would then be the vote to put Kavanaugh over the top, he would be the deciding vote, and he may crumble. This may be where Vice-President Mike Pence makes history.

Breitbart reports, “If both Flake and Collins vote no, then Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination will be defeated. Likewise, if Manchin votes against confirmation. But if Flake votes yes and Collins votes no, and both Murkowski and Manchin stay in their respective columns, then there will be a 50-50 tie and the vice president will have to be called in to cast the deciding vote. If he does, it would be the first time in the history of the Supreme Court that a vice president has cast a deciding tiebreaker vote for confirmation.”

This is a nail-biter. Pence anticipated that he might have to do so nearly a month ago, well before Christine Blasey Ford’s uncorroborated claims of sexual assault had been launched. He acknowledged, in a Sep. 9 interview with CBS News’ Face the Nation, that he could be called in to cast his vote. However, he said, “Well, we hope not. We’ll see where we are.”

Pence tweeted Friday morning, following the cloture vote, “Today, a majority in the Senate voted to advance the nomination of a good person & a great intellect to #SCOTUS – Judge Brett Kavanaugh. We are grateful to every Senator who voted aye. Now Judge Kavanaugh will get the final vote he deserves. It’s time to #ConfirmKavanaugh.”

This all may come down to one vote, and it would be epic to see the Vice President of the United States stroll into the Senate Chamber to break the tie and push Kavanaugh over the top. God works in mysterious ways, and we have no doubt many Americans are praying for Brett Kavanaugh and his family. So, it might just be Mike Pence to the rescue!

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