Military Disgusted With Obama, EPIC Display Emerges On Bases Across Country

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The military is sending a bold and powerful message to Barack Obama while they wait for their portraits of Donald Trump to arrive on military bases.

It’s not a big surprise that our military has a distaste for Barack Obama. After Obama spent eight years disrespecting nearly everyone, the military has finally had enough. They decided to show it by sending a bold message to Obama, and it is emerging on military bases across the country.

On military bases across the United States, images of Obama are coming down, but it’s what the military is replacing Obama’s portraits with that will leave you with a smile. The hypocritical Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama never scored high approval ratings from the men and women in uniform. It became common for the war hawk, who never quit bombing other countries while somehow simultaneously weakening American foreign policy and the military to unprecedented levels, to be booed by military veterans and service members.

Well, now that he’s out, Obama’s portraits are coming down, and since our military couldn’t wait to see the faces of our new leaders on their walls, Obama’s images are being replaced on bases with memes of President Donald Trump and those in his administration, such as James Mattis.

United States federal policy says that all Obama portraits in courthouses, post offices, government buildings, and military installations need to be removed by 12:01 p.m. on Friday, January 20th, but since the military doesn’t have an official Trump portrait to hang in many of their bases, they have chosen memes of the 45th president instead.

A picture of a few of the photos of memes in place of Obama’s portrait.

One of the photos, which was a meme circulating social media, depicts Donald Trump on a tank with a large American flag and an AR-15.

One of the memes which replaced the portrait of Barack Obama on military bases until Donald Trump’s official portrait arrives.

You may recognize another meme seen on the wall, which features James “Mad Dog” Mattis portrayed as a saint:

The meme featuring James Mattis reads “MAD DOG” around the halo behind his head. “Saint Mattis of Quantico, Patron Saint of Quantico,” is in the script at the bottom.

The military is sending a bold message to Barack Obama and Democrats everywhere. They are more than happy to see photos of Obama leave their bases. The military has often shown their disgust with Obama, and the spunk can be seen returning to our veterans under their new leaders.

Rather than worrying about the Commander-in-Chief taking away their gun rights and selling them poor government healthcare, they can now focus on their job — keeping America safe.

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