Milwaukee Man’s Face Horrifically Disfigured After Barbershop Visit Goes Terribly Wrong

Keith Crowell, 56

After a Milwaukee man visited a barbershop, where all men go from time to time, his face was left horrifically disfigured when things went terribly wrong. Now, he is finally starting to put his life back together after years of suffering, but his story is serving as a warning to others.

Keith Crowell, a 56-year-old man from Milwaukee, went to his local barber for his usual hot shave but ended up leaving with 40 pounds of disaster. His life would never be the same after his shave left him botched. Over a decade after his debilitating facial disfiguration erupted, Keith is finally getting a new start.

It has been over 12 years since Keith went for his routine hot shave and was accidentally cut by his barber. He was cut on both sides of his neck and instead of the cuts healing, they formed scar tissue. The cuts ended up distorting into massive keloid scars that would not stop growing.

Keloids are tough, packed on scar tissue that rises abruptly over the natural skin. Keith had quite the severe case that never settled down.

Keloids formed on both sides of Keith’s neck after a botched hot shave.

The scars led to masses of extra flesh growing on either side of his face, which at one point added up to more than 40 lbs. He had surgery to help with the keloids, but initially they just saw the masses return with even more force. [Source: Daily Mail]

He realized he was going to need a third surgery to eliminate the masses, but this time, his insurance company refused to cover the surgery, claiming it was considered a “cosmetic issue.” Keith responded back by saying, “I feel it’s not cosmetic. This is my livelihood. This is my life right here,” and he was absolutely right.

Keith’s injury was so extensive that it affected his livelihood. The scars appeared like giant tumors, affecting his hearing because they covered his ears, and caused him difficulty sleeping and eating. Keith’s keloids were such an inconvenience in his life that he no longer felt like his funny, corky self.

Word got around about Keith’s condition, and after enough people heard about it, a GoFund Me page was started, where people could donate money to help him get the surgery his insurance wouldn’t cover. The campaign received thousands of donations from strangers and family, earning him over $25,000 — enough for the trips to New York that he would need to take to get his troublesome keloids removed.

Keith is now in the healing process post-surgery and is expected to make a full recovery with a 96 percent chance the keloids will never return again.

Keith post-surgery

Keith is more than grateful for everyone’s generosity, who cared when his insurance company did not, and the doctor’s who freed him from his burden of the scars. Crowell expresses his gratitude by sharing, “I just feel good about it. I’m more comical. I meet and greet the customers a little more. I’m more of a people person than I was before,” he continues, “My burden is over with. I can sleep at night. I can eat. Thank you. Thank you for your support and thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done for me,” Crowell said. [Source: Fox 6 Now]

Keith is now back to the man he was before his barber botched a simple hot shave. However, all the medical bills, surgeries, and agony should have been compensated by the barber who cut Keith, causing the keloids in the first place. With a full recovery and minimal scarring, Keith will always remember the support the community gave him when his insurance was giving him nothing.

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