As Minnesota Calls For More Refugees, Man Gets NASTY Surprise At Front Door

As Minnesota Calls For More Refugees, Man Gets NASTY Surprise At Front Door
The area where the incident took place (left), Rochester Police Chief John Sherwin who investigated it (right)

Minnesota is currently on a self-righteous crusade to let as many improperly vetted refugees into their state, and somehow, its leaders have managed to convince many citizens that they’re better human beings because of it. Unfortunately, the entire ordeal recently blew up in their face as a resident ventured out for a cigarette – and that was when he was left horrified by the nasty surprise waiting for him.

When it comes down to it, the left is delusional. In fact, anyone believing that America is safe while allowing improperly vetted refugees into the country doesn’t have a leg to stand on after recent facts have come to light. For those unaware, Donald Trump released a list that former President Barack Obama kept secret, showing that 24 refugees from the 7 countries temporarily banned by Trump’s executive order were arrested here in America on terrorism charges.

Unfortunately, the left hasn’t exactly cared to listen to the political right even though everything we’ve been warning them about is starting to come true. In fact, the state of Minnesota – specifically Governor Mark Dayton – decided to defy all logic when he told anyone who didn’t agree with refugees being in the state to leave.

According to KIMT, a 33-year-old man from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, near Rochester, simply walked out his front door for a cigarette when he got a horrifying refugee welcome. “The victim describes the people inside the cars as Somalis and says one got out of a silver Honda Accord and shot at him twice,” the report reads.

In all, the man suffered 7 serious injuries from the bullets and was taken to an area hospital for treatment. Although the wounds were non-life threatening, it seems that this man mostly suffered the abuse of willful liberal ignorance.

The fact of the matter here is that the threat is outlined and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt at this point, yet the left rejects this reality for argument’s sake. No one is saying that immigrants aren’t wanted here. After all, we wouldn’t be much of a country without them.

However, there is a duty to protect our citizens, and if that means taking a few months to figure out a way to properly vet those coming in, then so be it. American lives need to come first, period. Anyone who thinks otherwise can get on their high horse and go wait in line with the refugees waiting to come in. Too bad for anyone dumb enough to do so, those living in the 7 countries that Trump banned don’t express the courtesies that America does, and they’d never make it home.