Miss NJ Asked About Confederate Statue Removal, Answer Immediately Shocks Crowd

During the Miss America pageant, Miss New Jersey took the stage to answer the iconic final question asked by one of the members of the panel of judges. Of course, the network could not help but politicize the show by asking Miss New Jersey a loaded question regarding her stance of the removal of Confederate statues across America. However, her controversial answer shocked the judges and everyone watching at home.

Miss New Jersey Kaitlyn Schoeffel (left); Shocked contestants (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Twitter)

These days, it seems every event has to be politicized in some way, shape, or form. Whether it is a football game or, in this case, a beauty pageant, liberals don’t waste an opportunity to attempt to brainwash the masses. The Miss America pageant was no exception this year. It even featured a surprising second round of disputable questions from the panel of judges, when in years past, there has only been one.

They decided to have one round of easy, heart-warming questions, and a second that seemed to be the round to knock the conservatives out of the running. The Miss America pageant jumped on the liberal political bandwagon when they decided to ask Miss New Jersey, Kaitlyn Schoeffel, a controversial question regarding her stance on the removal of Confederate statues across America.

Judge Tara Lipinski asked Kaitlyn about a very pertinent topic: whether or not the United States should keep confederate statues standing, or if they should be removed.

“A recent poll found that slightly over half of Americans favored leaving confederate statues in place, while others want them removed. Keep them, or get rid of them?” Tara asked Kaitlyn. [Source: Young Cons]

Liberal viewers are up in arms over her patriotic response.

I don’t think the answer is to get rid of these statues,” Kaitlyn said. “I think the answer is to relocate them to museums because we are truly defined by our country’s history, and I don’t think it’s something we need to forget; we need to always remember it and always honor our history of America because it truly makes us who we are as Americans. But they should be moved to museums.”

Liberal viewers thought her answer should have been a simple one, but Miss New Jersey shocked everyone with her reply. While Kaitlyn kept her answer safe and in the middle of the road, that was not enough for angry liberals. She even suggested that they should still be removed, just not destroyed as the left insists, but Democrats are not having any of it. Snowflakes immediately took to social media to unleash their anger.

Liberals have not stopped slamming Miss New Jersey for her answer, even after she lost. Of course, the conservatives applauded her poised response, respecting her desire to preserve history instead of destroying it, even those of us who disagree with relocating Confederate statues to museums. You see, that’s what tolerance really looks like — it’s a word the left likes to use but fails to actually understand and implement.

Liberals have never had tolerance for people thinking for themselves. They want everyone to fall in line with their agenda, no matter how ridiculous it is or what it takes to make that happen. Thankfully, Kaitlyn Schoeffel was not afraid to speak up and give her “politically incorrect” opinion, even it if could have potentially cost her the crown. Some things, like integrity, are just worth more than a title. For that, Miss New Jersey is a winner in our book.

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