Mississippi Thug Threatens Nephew With Hatchet, Gets Horrific Surprise

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A thug in Mississippi recently threatened his 16-year-old nephew with a hatchet on the family’s front porch when the boy’s parents were away. Now, the story has gone viral after the hatchet-wielding uncle got a horrific surprise he never saw coming.

Screenshot from live video footage (background), Jerry Lee Robinson (inset) (Photo Credits: YouTube/DB, Choctaw County Sheriff’s Department)

Every week in our country, many people become the victims of violent and often fatal crimes. The sad truth about these incidents is that, more often than not, the victim knows the attacker. Deputies from the Choctaw County Sheriff’s Department responded to one such call on Tuesday, May 29, 2018, after a hatchet-wielding man tried to assault his nephew after the teen’s mother left their home.

According to local news source WCBI, the incident took place at the home of Rachel Cork, who identified herself as the sister-in-law of the suspect. Police said that the hatchet-wielding uncle was identified as Jerry Lee Robinson, and he showed up at the family’s home unannounced after Cork had left for work. Cork said that Robinson tried to break in while her 16-year-old son was home alone. As Robinson attempted to break in, he had no idea his criminal behavior was about to cost him everything.

“I just had left to go to work and I took my daughter with me, so when I left to go to work, I probably wasn’t gone from my house, just right up the road, and I guess he come over here and tried to break in on my son, and my son shot him,” Cork told a reporter. “The bullet blowed him back and he laid, he fell, and laid right here,” she added. Robinson would not survive the bullet to the chest his nephew was forced to put there.

Trying to imagine what Cork’s son went through the moment his uncle made an aggressive move toward him with the hatchet is impossible. No 16-year-old kid should have to go through something like that. Thank God, this young man was able to protect himself from his obviously deranged uncle, who got exactly what he deserved. The 16-year-old victim did exactly what he had to do to protect himself.

According to local news source WTVA, deputies from Choctaw County Sheriff’s Department arrived to find Robinson already dead as a doornail. Deputies recovered the hatchet he’d been wielding at his nephew moments before he came down with a deadly case of “lead poisoning.” Now, the family will undoubtedly grieve over the situation as they bury Robinson.

Cork told WCBI that she realized this horrific situation could have easily turned out so much worse for her and her son. “Yeah, my son defended himself. It could have been the other way around. It could have been my son, I’m the one I’m picking up and having to bury, but it wasn’t,” she said.

When asked if this had been the first time Robinson behaved in such a psychotic manner, Cork said that there had been previous instances where Robinson became violent and threatened other family members. “No, that’s not the first time. I have some videos where he came into my yard with two machetes, threatening my husband, and everything,” she explained.

Deputies say that Jerry Lee Robinson, who lives just next door to the Corks, had made threats against the family only two weeks before his nephew was forced to shoot him. “If there’s something he can’t have, he would get mad, and so he would come and take it out on us,” Rachel Cork said.

No charges have been filed against the 16-year-old young man, nor should they be. Although the case will go before a grand jury in August, it’s hard to imagine any level-headed member of the community wanting to see the young man prosecuted. The bottom line here is that an innocent teenager was forced to defend himself from an obviously demented and violent family member. This story is a good reminder that an armed society is a just society.

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