Media Hiding What Mob Of Somali Muslims Did To White Minnesota Neighbors

Media Hiding What Mob Of Somali Muslims Did To White Minnesota Neighbors
A local resident has come forward to discuss a horrific incident with Somali migrants that the media is widely ignoring.

In a blatant attempt to ignore a major news story that tears apart the liberal agenda, the mainstream media is widely refusing to report on what a mob of Somali Muslim men did in Minneapolis last week. However, a local has come forward with details concerning a major police investigation into a hate crime like those from which Europe is continuously suffering.

Proving their bias, the mainstream media has “neglected” to report on a terrifying incident in Minneapolis that happened last week. After being picked up by a local news station, a young woman has boldly revealed key details of a mass hate crime in which young Islamic migrants targeted white non-Muslims throughout the neighborhood.

KSTP-TV reports that a female resident, who understandably remains anonymous for her protection, told the network that she and other locals were attacked by a mob of up to 30 Somali Muslim men on June 28. Police were called to the scene at around 9:30 a.m. after the mob of migrants showed up in front of citizens’ homes, yelling threatening comments and promising terrorist activity.

“They were screaming at the house that they were going to kidnap you and they were going to rape you,” one Minneapolis resident told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS. “It was a very traumatizing experience.”

Media Hiding What Mob Of Somali Muslims Did To White Minnesota Neighbors
The police report states that the Somali men referred to “jihad” and “Shawra (Sharia) Law,” yet no media outlet has even mentioned this.

According to the police report, between 20 and 30 young men descended upon a woman’s house threatening to kidnap and rape her. The migrants were reportedly driving their vehicles up over the curbs and onto the lawn while shooting off fireworks and screaming threats in the Lake Calhoun neighborhood.

“It’s a scary thought especially for those who have young children,” one Minneapolis resident said.

Before leftists refute that these were, in fact, Muslim men, the police report states that the men were yelling “jihad” and even told the female resident that the could kidnap, rape, and marry the already married woman because it was legal under “Shawra (Sharia) Law.” As expected, even the station that picked up the story somehow “missed” these references.

Regardless of the racist nature of the incident, WND reports that neither Obama’s Justice Department nor U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch are considering hate crime charges. Furthermore, no arrests have been made and even the local media appears to be “uninterested” in reporting the mob activity. In fact, the Star-Tribune, the largest newspaper in Minneapolis, didn’t produce a single article concerning the police report.

Still, this wasn’t the only time locals say they were terrorized. Neighbors confirm that these migrants have returned several times in the three days leading up to the event but Monday’s incident was the worst.

“The entire neighborhood is up in arms,” one Minneapolis resident said. “It needs to get nipped in the bud before it gets any worse because the escalation that occurs over a matter of hours could potentially kill or harm someone.”

Media Hiding What Mob Of Somali Muslims Did To White Minnesota Neighbors
Police are currently investigating the incident, but so far no one has been arrested and they aren’t considering it a hate crime.

The recent threats have led police to provide more security in the area, sending officers to patrol regularly. Still, residents say they fear the activity will only escalate. They are most likely correct since the Somali Muslim community in Minnesota is known to rally in defense of their own, considering how they gathered in support of convicted ISIS terrorists just last year.

Of course, you can bet the liberal couple running the propagative leftist rag Snopes will be all over this in a flaccid attempt at debunking. Much like they did with the sex attack on a 5-year-old disabled girl by 3 Islamic refugee children in Twin Falls, they will only perpetuate exactly what we’ve warned all along — refugees from Muslim-majority countries cannot be screened and are committing enough rape, murder, and terrorism to bring down any democracy they infiltrate through migration, birthrate, and conversion.

By attacking an initial report that stated the children were from Syria, Snopes insinuated that the entire claim never happened. However, it was only minor details taken from a local witness that were later found to be untrue. The little white girl was sexually assaulted by three Islamic refugees and it’s all thanks to the resettlement program that regards their countries’ barbaric cultures as equal to our own set of laws.

The liberal media has only one goal — protect the leftist agenda at all costs. They don’t care if refugee children are raping white children. They don’t care if women are being targeted multiple times by migrant mobs. They don’t care if their own activists are being murdered by the same asylum seekers they welcome into their homes. They must defend liberalism at all costs.

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