NASTY Vid Shows What Happens When Moderate Muslims Invade Your Country

With Muslims pouring out of their homelands on account of the death and destruction their own religion has brought about, many are being “re-located” to Western nations. Unfortunately, as some countries have already taken in a great number of so-called “refugees,” quite the nasty video shows exactly what happens when “moderate” Muslims invade your country. This is what’s coming to America.

During recent months, President Barack Obama has explained to the American people that we are set to take in Muslims to the tune of hundreds of thousands over the next few years, despite the outright disapproval by the American people. With that in mind, folks like the people over in Sweden, who have already taken in thousands, are doing their best to get Muslims to actually leave the country.

For those unaware, Sweden was one of the first to lead the way (not necessarily by choice) when it comes to taking in so-called “refugees.” As a result, the nation’s people have suffered at the hands of Muslims, as Islamists force their uncivilized and barbaric culture onto the civilized nation.

Since then, several reports have come to light about the inhumane actions suffered by the country, which were brought about by the religion of Islam. Unfortunately, one such action in Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm of Sweden has recently been caught on video and is circling the web for good reason.

According to reports, the two non-Muslim men in the clip told a few Muslim men to stop vandalizing property, but the Islamists weren’t about to conform to the will of the infidel. Although it’s unclear what happened to kick it all off, video captures the two men being severely beaten as the Muslim participants either take part in the attack or cheer on those responsible.

Those being attacked merely lay on the ground begging for mercy, but they receive absolutely none, even having their faces kicked until the point of unconsciousness. So much for the “peacefulness” of Islam.

Nasty Video Depicts Muslims Mercilessly Beating Swedes
Man begging for mercy – a sentiment which the Muslims did not oblige

With people here in America concerned about extremists sneaking their way in and killing people, others are worried about incidents just as this. There’s no arguing that in the eyes of a Muslim, there is no other way of life – none that they’re going to accept anyways. Outlined in their “holy” book are even commands to kill anyone that stands in the way of their pursuit to take over the world.

One can only ask, will America suffer at the hands of Muslims in the same way that places like Sweden have? There is one major problem for Muslims who would do that here in America — the 2nd Amendment. I’d like to see a Muslim try to pull that crap with someone who is carrying a concealed firearm. Chances are, their buddies wouldn’t be cheering them on, they’d be letting out shrieks of horror as blood flows into the street.

Nasty Video Depicts Muslims Mercilessly Beating Swedes
Muslims kicking defenseless man in the head knocking him unconscious

I’m guessing they’d catch on pretty quick if that were the case. Beyond that, it’s utterly ridiculous that we’re even thinking about allowing in people capable of such atrocities.

America is all about allowing people to do and practice what they want, so long as they do so within the confines of the law. As we’ve seen, the religion of Islam screams the opposite. Conform of die. Do you see the problem?

(h/t: Right Wing News)
(Image source: YouTube)

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