Pics Catch ‘Moderate’ Muslims In DISTURBING Act In NYC Days Before New Year’s

It’s no secret that New York City is home to thousands of so-called “moderate” Muslims, and just a couple of days ago, a resident snapped some disturbing pictures of what they were doing out in plain sight for everyone to see.

The concerned patriot sent the pictures to retired Army Colonel Allen West in an attempt to bring awareness to what’s happening in our country without anybody saying a word. While free speech and the right to practice any religion we choose is protected, the type of proselytizing happening is borderline hate speech, and it shows that “moderate” Muslims might not be so moderate after all.

Pics Catch ‘Moderate’ Muslims In DISTUBING Act In NYC Days Before New Year’s

The pictures taken were of a group called the Islamic Thinkers Society, an Islamic supremacist group that aims to restore the Khilafah, or Islamic state, which would be ruled by Sharia law. “Surely, anyone who accepts any other system than Allah’s Shari’ah is worshipping the one who has put his laws in place of the laws of Allah,” the group’s website says.

Concerned yet? The group boasts that its “numbers are growing day by day,” and it uses propaganda materials to recruit people from all walks of life, specifically targeting young and impressionable minds.

Pics Catch ‘Moderate’ Muslims In DISTUBING Act In NYC Days Before New Year’s

As you can see from the pictures, they follow the fundamental principles of Islam, and they even believe that Christ himself was a Muslim, which is a load of sh*t if I’ve ever heard one. Also take note that they seem to have a very strong stance against homosexuality, which has me wondering where the militant left is to say something. You know, like they do to Christians.

Pics Catch ‘Moderate’ Muslims In DISTUBING Act In NYC Days Before New Year’s

Keep in mind, these are the very people who have become a protected class under this administration, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch specifically stated that should anybody criticize them, her Justice Department would investigate and prosecute for a hate crime. Isn’t that lovely?

Pics Catch ‘Moderate’ Muslims In DISTUBING Act In NYC Days Before New Year’s

For those wondering what life is like under Sharia law, which is what the ITS wants to impose in America, a “moderate” town in Indonesia caught a woman and a man who had become “too close” as friends, then proceeded to give them an “Islamic” punishment. The woman was caned so badly she needed to be hospitalized, and the man suffered a similar fate. Meanwhile, a crowd of onlookers cheered, took pictures, and otherwise derived enjoyment from the agony of the victims. “Peaceful?” Not quite.

Pics Catch ‘Moderate’ Muslims In DISTUBING Act In NYC Days Before New Year’s

Back to New York City – these are the type of people who become fundamentalized and carry out attacks against our nation, like Syed Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, did in California. Because of our hyper politically correct culture, we’re not allowed to even mention such thing lest we be cast into the dungeons as racists.

So if you have anybody that won’t stop apologizing for so-called “moderate” Muslims, make sure you show them what’s happening right on our streets, right in our cities, and right out in the open. And for those wondering if they’ll ever be successful in implementing Sharia law in America – keep in mind that Brooklyn just elected the nation’s first devout Muslim as a civil court judge, and she was sworn in on the Quran.

Below is the video of the ceremony that followed. Go ahead and watch it, then think about what actually happened in it.

Still not convinced Sharia law could come to America? Well, there might not be any hope for you.

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