Mom Takes Immediate Action When She Sees What Nurse Did To Infant

Mom Takes Immediate Action When She Sees What Nurse Did To Infant
Erica Hogue (left), Davante Hogue (right)

After being born at just 29 weeks, two New Mexico twins have spent the last eight months in the hospital getting healthy enough to come home. It was just about time for their release when the boys’ mom walked in the room and saw what the nurse had done to one of her sons, which left her crying out for help.

Little Davante and Delante Hogue of Upper Fruitland, New Mexico have had a rough go in just the first few months of their lives. Having been born premature, the twins have spent almost their entire first year in an Albuquerque Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the UNM Hospital.

Delante had already been released to be with his parents at home, but his brother Davante had a bigger fight ahead of him before he could be discharged. Unfortunately, those struggles were made much worse by what a nurse did to him, and the hospital’s response left the boys’ mother, Erica Hogue, in utter disgust, KOB4 reports.

Mom Takes Immediate Action When She Sees What Nurse Did To Infant
Healthy twin Delante Hogue

Davante had recently undergone surgery for a stage-2 brain bleed, which doctors warned Erica and her husband could leave their infant unable to talk, walk, see, or hear. Despite the extensive disabilities he could be plagued with for life, the Hogue’s decided to keep fighting alongside their little boy, loving him with the challenges he’s been handed. But just when they thought he suffered enough, a nurse’s alleged mistake has sent the mother seeking legal action against UNM.

According to KFOR, when the unnamed nurse was removing an IV from the infant’s foot, she took his toe off with it. She was reportedly cutting around the tape and, in the process, cut his toe off, which wasn’t able to be reattached, despite an orthopedic surgeon’s best efforts, since circulation couldn’t ever be reestablished.

Mom Takes Immediate Action When She Sees What Nurse Did To Infant
Davante’s premanately injured foot

Now, in addition to all of Davante’s other complications, he’s also left without his left pinky toe and a sorry excuse from the hospital responsible for it. Although UNM apologized and said that they would investigate the matter, the only consolation they offered Erica for cutting off her kid’s toe was a promise to use a different tape next time. That wasn’t remotely enough for the rightfully irate mother, who is now considering legal action.

“For me, that is just not enough. I believe that my baby is worth so much more than that,” Erica told KOB4. To make matters worse, chances are, her insurance could possibly be charged for the attempt to reattach the toe that should have never been cut off in the first place.

The Hogue’s have every right to be upset that a hospital could make such a careless mistake such as this. She has no choice but to trust her sick infant to physicians in the medical state he’s currently in, and now, she’s left to wonder what else will happen under their care, if something as simple as removing an IV ended in the complete loss of an appendage.