Mom Urgently Arrested After Sickened Neighbors Saw What Toddler Was Doing

Mom Urgently Arrested After Sickened Neighbors Saw What Toddler Was Doing
Shi’Day Nicks’ Hartford Apartment within this converted brick house, (inset) Shi’Day Nicks

A woman, who had recently moved into a Connecticut apartment building, hadn’t had a chance to get to know her new neighbors yet. But the residents around her learned everything they needed to know about this mother on Tuesday afternoon, when they witnessed what her little girl was doing and quickly called police.

Shi’Day Nicks lived alone with her 4-year-old bright-eyed little girl, in a quaint unit within a converted brick house in Hartford. The 22-year-old mom mostly kept to herself, until her secret got out in a way she didn’t expect.

Nicks put her daughter down for her afternoon nap, set the television to cartoons in the other room, then prepared a Hansel and Gretel trail of sandwiches and snacks for the little girl for when she woke up. The mom made all the preparations for her child, because she had other plans in mind that she needed to get to, that didn’t involve her kid.

With everything set for her toddler to take care of herself, Nicks slipped out. Not long after she left, the child woke up and wandered out to the family room, where she thought her mother would be, but her to dismay, she was all alone. Perhaps this was a situation the child had become accustomed to, because what she did next seemed all too natural for a girl as young as she is.

Mom Urgently Arrested After Sickened Neighbors Saw What Toddler Was Doing
Shi’Day Nicks’ 4-year-old daughter whose name was not released

According to WFSB, the 4-year-old dressed herself in a mismatched ensemble of black leggings, a pink jacket, and panda slippers, then let herself out of the locked apartment to go look for mom. She was spotted wandering alone in the busy city streets outside her home, before a concerned neighbor saw her and alerted police.

Officers arrived and rescued the girl, who showed them back to her apartment, where the cops waited with her for her mom to come home. Hours passed and nobody knew where the mom was, or why she made so many preparations for the child to be home alone for the long haul. Finally, after about three hours, Nicks returned, surprised by her unexpected guests.

After a moment of stammering around to cops with excuses of her whereabouts, the mother finally came clean with what took precedence over being there for her child. Nicks told the police that a man named Richard had just dropped her off after she agreed to do sexual favors for him, in exchange for $230. She admitted to the sex acts, but said that he never actually paid her in the end for the favors, likely an allegation to get her out of prostitution charges.

With no family or friends around to take custody of the girl, she was placed in the state’s care. Her mom was arrested and charged with risk of injury to a minor, reckless endangerment, and leaving a child under 12 unsupervised. Investigators tracked down Nick’s estranged father, Anthony Nicks, in a different state, who said he had not spoken to his daughter in some time. He is now trying to get custody of his granddaughter, which is probably not in the child’s best interest if he couldn’t even raise his own child.

The tragic part of this situation for the little girl, is that it’s probably not the first time she’s been left alone so her mom could turn tricks. She knew to dress herself and the set up her mom had in place was probably a sign she had come to know that meant that she wouldn’t see her mom for hours. At just 4-years-old, she felt comfortable letting herself out and going to look for mom or anyone that could care for her. Nicks doesn’t deserve this child back, she’s proven she incapable of thinking of anyone else but herself.

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