Mom Brings Baby To Hospital With Burnt Hands, Doctors Make 2nd Horrid Discovery

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The staff at a Texas hospital were more than shocked after a mother brought in a baby with burnt hands. Sadly, things would only get worse as doctors made a second horrid discovery about the situation that would leave them speechless.

Mom Brings Baby To Hospital With Burnt Hands, Then Doctor Make Second Horrid Discovery
Aiden McGivney (center) and his burnt hands (left & right) (Photo Credit: Family released photos via KHOU 11)

After picking up her 11-month-old child after work, Jenny McGivney states that she immediately noticed that something was wrong. As if hearing his blood-curdling screams weren’t enough to put her on edge, she then saw young Aiden doing something rather strange with his hands.

“I couldn’t believe it,” McGivney recalled. “I couldn’t believe what I saw. He was losing it.” Walking over to investigate, Jenny was terrified to see that her son had massive yellow blisters forming on his hands and that her child was in agony.

Knowing that the situation was bad, Jenny immediately took Aiden to the hospital for treatment — but things were even worse than she imagined. In fact, she would quickly find out how serious things were as medical staff immediately rushed the boy to a burn hospital in San Antonio, Texas.

That’s about the time that doctors made a second horrid discovery about the situation. As they’d learn, Aiden attended the Goddard School daycare in Austin, Texas, which is where he actually burnt his hands. Come to find out, there is at least one specific door in the building that gets extraordinarily hot from the sun.

When Aiden put his hands on the door, he was instantly burned. Making matters worse, the daycare facility states that those same doors are still on the building as they continue to care for unsuspecting children, KVUE ABC reports.

Sean Breen, a lawyer representing the McGivney family, explained that “you basically have a skillet on hinges, it’s horrible. It could be 190 degrees,” describing the door.

Of course, Jenny McGivney had a few questions of her own, adding, “It was cool that day. It was 75 degrees. How did the door get that hot? What were the teachers doing and why didn’t they call for help?”

In the meantime, Aiden was immediately placed on anesthesia to help cope with the pain. However, it has remained a very slow and excruciating recovery process.

Aiden has undergone multiple procedures over the past several months and will have to wear protective gloves for up to a year while his hands heal. Aiden’s injuries have slowed his eating development and caused him a lot of pain, McGivney said.

The family sued that Goddard School for damages.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation and Child Protective Services representatives tested the door at the school. [Source: KHOU 11]

Currently, CPS is investigating the Goddard School daycare, saying that they must address the door situation to protect future children, but the school has yet to remedy the issue. Sadly, it looks like this school is more concerned with staying open than ensuring that the children are safe.

What’s worse, the school has implied that they’ve known about this issue for quite some time. As explained in the lawsuit’s discovery process, staff members have tried to use laminated posters to cover the doors on the outside but they keep falling off. Since that didn’t work, the daycare said they were trying to find another solution.

How hard is this to fix? Buy new doors that aren’t metal or are specifically designed to deflect the sun’s rays. Hit it with some reflective or insulative paint. Heck, you could even block off the doors so that children can’t access them without the direct supervision of an adult. This isn’t that hard of a problem to solve, but the daycare has failed thus far and CPS officials are still allowing the facility to remain open.

This daycare has effectively ruined a year of this child’s life, if not more. Not only is his quality of life diminished but he’ll now suffer developmental issues on a small scale as well because of the school’s neglect. When you hand your child over to someone, you expect them to treat them as if they were their own.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case for Goddard School daycare, and they should not be allowed to have children in their facility until that issue is resolved. Nothing makes a negligent company do the right thing better than hitting them in the wallet — and that’s exactly what needs to happen here.