Mom Checks On Daughter In Bathroom, Horrified To Discover Who’s With Her

A mother and daughter were out to eat at a Riverside restaurant in California when the young girl went to the bathroom. When the mother went to check on her child a short time later, she was horrified to discover who was in the bathroom with her and what he was doing. That’s when all hell must have broken loose.

It was supposed to be a casual lunch for the mother and daughter duo at the Punjab Palace restaurant, but everything would change when the unnamed child had to use the bathroom. According to reports, she entered the bathroom and her mother followed a “short time later.”

Riverside police said 34-year-old Avimael Lopez sexually assaulted a young girl in a bathroom at a restaurant on Monday, June 6, 2016. (Source: ABC7)
Riverside police said 34-year-old Avimael Lopez sexually assaulted a young girl in a bathroom at a restaurant. (Source: ABC7)

After the child had entered the restroom, 34-year-old Avimael Lopez, an employee of the restaurant, followed. No one stopped the man from entering the woman’s facility, which we certainly have liberals to thank after they virtually erased any sex segregation of our public facilities.

When her mother, who hadn’t seen Lopez enter after her daughter, felt her child was taking too long, she went to check on her. When she burst into the bathroom, the mother found Lopez with her daughter, and her worst fears came true as her little girl told her what happened.

The police were called, and the employee was arrested on a slew of sickening charges, including engaging in oral copulation or sexual penetration with a child younger than 10, kidnapping, and lewd act with a child, ABC7 reports. He is being held at the Riverside County Jail on $2 million bail and has yet to enter a plea in court.

Take a good look at this story. Do I even need to point out the multiple failed liberal policies that turned this innocent girl into a victim?

California is the Democrat utopia with its “multiculturalism,” sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, disarmed law-abiding citizens, and “gender-neutral” bathrooms spreading to even include elementary schools. This is what those progressive ideologies lead to. It’s not as pretty as they paint it.

Should a parent accompany their child to the bathroom? Yes. However, it’s still a damn shame that such a defensive approach needs to be taken in our world today.

If we’re honest with ourselves, many of us, as children, could enter a bathroom at a restaurant in our hometown when we were growing up without our parents fearing someone would molest or rape us — especially an employee of the establishment, which just goes to show how brazen these perpetrators have become thanks to the progressives whose policies allow for it.

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