PICS: Mom Gets ‘Chicken’ From Popeyes, SICKENED By What’s Actually In Bag

A New York woman has taken to Facebook after her daughter ordered some chicken from a local Popeyes chain restaurant. Unfortunately for her, it seems that poultry wasn’t on the menu. She was left sickened by what actually came in the bag that was served – and she’s got the pictures to prove it.

Rosemary Thomas states that her daughter went to grab a bite to eat with her aunt and cousin in Harlem when things went horribly wrong. Although the group ordered chicken from the chain restaurant, that wasn’t what they actually got.

You can imagine the girl’s horror to open the bag that she was handed to see a rat’s head that had been breaded, fried, and served to her. I know there’s a lot of hype around that $5 box, but it’s probably safe to say, she wasn’t expecting this.

PICS: Mom Gets ‘Chicken’ From Popeye’s, SICK By What Was Actually In Bag
Rat head found in Popeyes “chicken” (Source: Facebook)

Of course, since hearing the news, the restaurant chain has since come forward with a statement, saying they are investigating the matter. Although they have contacted the branch responsible, they have yet to release any real information.

In the meantime, Rosemary has posted a picture on Facebook that is going viral with quite a few people swearing off the restaurant chain for good. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone as some don’t seem hindered by the discovery:

I don’t know about you, but I would have a few questions after seeing a rat head in my food. How did this leave the factory like this? Why didn’t any store employees catch this before it went into the fryer? And lastly, why didn’t the employee, preparing the food, see this before packaging it up and serving it to a customer? This goes beyond being just “gross” – someone needs to be held accountable.

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