Mom Catches EERIE Oddity On Camera While Watching Son Play [VID]

Ghouls and goblins are everywhere these days, and most people accredit that to fast-approaching Halloween. However, one mom begs to differ following a recent eerie encounter that occurred inside her home. Now, she’s shared the disturbing experience with the world. She’s left some people spooked and others scratching their heads. But, you’ll have to watch the footage to understand why.

According to Opposing Views, an Argentinian mother — only identified as Silva — shared an adorable video of her little boy playing on the floor. Initially, the video looks relatively normal, but things take a strange turn when an eerie goblin-like creature scurries across the floor. The brief incident happens so fast, you may even miss it. But, if you look closely at the left side of the screen between the little boy and the drawers, you’ll see it. The mother then moves the camera toward the direction where the figure ran to, but apparently, it had disappeared.

Here’s the clip:

Although the video was originally released in 2011, it’s gone viral again as thousands of viewers have found themselves watching the clip and rewinding it repeatedly to catch a glimpse of the disturbing figure. The mother claims the creepy creature visits her son regularly and leaves a nauseating odor behind. But, as expected, the video has received mixed reviews, as many viewers just aren’t convinced that the footage is completely authentic. Many argue that the video is nothing more than visual “evidence” to back an elaborate hoax, reports the Daily Mail.

“I have to say, I am not sure if I believe this or not….but if it is a fake, it’s a GOOD fake!!! That goblin had a perfect shadow and everything,” one Facebook user said.

Another user with film experience has also weighed in with a little insight about the arguable, motion discrepancies in the clip. “It is a bad fake, as someone who works in the industry, putting shadows on the ground was easy back in the 90s in 3D. The fact that he seems to be running in slow motion is what gives it away as a big fake! Replay it and watch how he seems to be sort of running fast but not moving very fast.”

This may very well be evidence that some people just have too much time on their hands and are willing to go to great lengths to become an Internet sensation of sorts. If it is “real,” she certainly did remain rather calm, instead of snatching her kid up off the floor and away from the uninvited guest as quickly as possible. Something smells fishy, and I don’t think it’s the “goblin.”

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]

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