Mom Posts Family Pics, People Horrified By ‘Sick’ Item In Toddler’s Hands

During a fun day with the family, a mother decided to take a few pictures and post them to social media. Unfortunately for the mom who wanted to share the good times with everyone, people would soon be left horrified after seeing the “sick” item in her toddler’s hands – and that’s when all hell broke loose for the social justice warriors.

Cindy O’Hara of Airdrie, Alberta in Canada doesn’t mind the idea of guns. In fact, two of her older sons were recently out on their property shooting gophers. As one would imagine, it wasn’t long before Cindy was made aware that her two-and-a-half-year-old toddler wanted to join in on the fun with his siblings.

Knowing he wasn’t mature enough to grasp the danger of a real gun, she went inside and got an old broken BB gun for him to play with. Seeing how much fun the young boy was having with the inoperable air gun, she decided to snap a few photos and share them on Facebook.

With a description reading, “Wow we taught our two and a half year old how to shoot today. He did great,” it wasn’t long before leftist whiners came out of the woodwork. Liberal hippies were quick to voice outrage saying they did not appreciate the mother allowing her toddler to play with such a “sick” item.

Photos Go Viral Showing Toddler With BB Gun
Cindy O’Hara’s toddler with the BB gun (Photo Source: Global News)

“I think this is so wrong,” one user wrote. “I think 2.5 is way too young to have such a dangerous weapon. This age they cannot grasp what is right and wrong… an accident waiting to happen.” A gun that doesn’t work is no more dangerous than a rock or stick he could have picked up in the yard.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter that the gun wasn’t a real firearm, was unloaded, and couldn’t even fire if all the conditions were right – people took issue with it being a gun. Luckily for Cindy, it wasn’t long before others began to argue in her defense.

Photos Go Viral Showing Toddler With BB Gun
Cindy O’Hara (left) (Photo Source: Global News)

Hearing others say that teaching gun safety is important, the mom quickly joined in on the fight as well. “He was having a blast,” she said. “He didn’t really think anything of it, except the pew noises.”

She also acknowledged that the boy isn’t able to comprehend the dangers of firearms at such a young age. “He doesn’t get the reality that a gun can kill somebody,” Cindy went on to explain. “But it was in fun and it was an experience for him because we will teach him how to shoot, absolutely.”

Photos Go Viral Showing Toddler With BB Gun
Cindy O’Hara’s toddler with the BB gun (Photo Source: Global News)

Personally, I absolutely agree – most kids don’t get the importance of gun safety at such a young age. However, it’s still important to try to teach them as soon as the child is ready — which varies for everyone and can’t be determined by a photo. Being a responsible gun owner myself, I cringe at the possibility that this boy is pointing the “gun” in the direction of people – loaded and working, or not.

Either way, it’s high time the stigma of “guns are bad” goes away. At this point, keyboard warriors have called the police to report Cindy. Although they say that they’re investigating the matter, officers note that there’s absolutely nothing illegal in the pictures.

Just because a child has a gun, doesn’t mean it’s a dangerous situation and firearms shouldn’t have the negative connotation that they do today. It’s a shame how quickly people are willing to jump the case of someone else simply for what they see and perceive. Know the facts and be informed. Then, feel free to put in your two cents.