Mom Fractures 3-Week-Old’s Skull, Cops Further Horrified To Learn Her 2nd Sick Secret

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In Terrytown, Louisiana, a young mother has landed herself behind bars after she fractured her 3-week-old son’s skull. As if that alone wasn’t sick enough, the cops were left even further horrified to learn a second disturbing secret about her.

Mom Fractures 3-Week-Old's Skull, Then Cops Horrified To Learn A Second Secret About Her
Heidy Rios (left), stock photo of a baby (right) (Photo Credit: Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, Sanjasy/Pixabay)

Heidy Rios is the mother of a 3-week-old baby boy. However, her life took a sick turn when her boyfriend brought their newborn into New Orleans Hospital. While he was there, the father soon learned that Rios had fractured the baby’s right temporal bone located on the side of the infant’s skull.

As expected, doctors contacted the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office to notify them of the incident and for action to be taken. However, while the sheriffs were investigating, they learned that the mother had another horrifying secret — she had thrown the innocent baby on the floor during an argument with the child’s father, resulting in his nonlife-threatening injuries.

Apparently, on the day the father brought the infant into the hospital, he and Rios were having a tense dispute when things got out of hand. At one point, Rios allegedly “grabbed her newborn son, threw him and said, ‘take your f****** son,'” according to Fox News.

Of course, when police initially asked Rios about what had happened during the incident, she denied throwing her child. However, she later admitted that she may have dropped the child during the argument. Needless to say, she has since been arrested and charged with cruelty to a juvenile. According to NOLA, she was “booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna. She was still being held there without bond Tuesday.”

When people heard about the incident and what happened, they were absolutely disgusted. “Sounds like she had problems with her baby’s father and took it out on the innocent infant baby that could not protect himself she deserves a long prison stint for this one,” one user wrote, while another stated, “Pitiful …some People should not have Children … plain and simple.” However, another said what we all were thinking: “What a MONSTER! To throw a defenseless infant, fracturing his skull. This ‘mother’ should never live in civilized society again.”

The instant you become a parent, all of your personal issues come second to the child’s needs and well-being. It doesn’t matter how infuriated you are or what is going on in your life, your child’s safety comes first. Unfortunately, there are too many parents who think otherwise or feel they have an “excuse” to behave erratically. Sadly, as a result, many children are put in harm’s way, or worse, being harmed, for no other reason than their parent’s sick and selfish desires.

If you can’t handle the responsibility that comes along with being a parent, you shouldn’t be having children. If by chance you “accidentally” become pregnant, you either parent the child appropriately or it’s your responsibility to find someone who can care for the child better than you. Quite simply, a child deserves the chance to live their life without being hurt.

It’s truly sickening what some people will do when they’re angry, caught in a lie, or both. I don’t care what issues someone has – they should get away from their child if they feel the desire to hurt anyone. As a parent, God gave you a child to care for, and if you can’t see that as a blessing, then you don’t deserve to be free among civilized society.

Hopefully, this father heeds part of the mother’s advice and takes his son far away from this animal who should be behind bars for a very long time. Those who hurt innocent children deserve the stiffest of sentences, and we need to raise our voices to let it be known that we demand justice in cases like this one.