Mom Suddenly Suffers ‘Full Body Shakes,’ Screams As She Looks At Her Breast

Mom Suddenly Has "Full Body Shakes," Screams When She Looks At Her Breast
Lindsey Bliss (left) and her baby (right)

Being a new mom can be a very stressful time in a woman’s life. Not only are you adjusting to life with your new baby, but it seems that everyone has their own opinion and recommendation that you “must follow, or else.” However, that was the least of one New York mother’s worries when she suddenly began to feel her entire body shake and was left screaming in agony as she looked at her breast.

When Lindsey Bliss heard she was expecting another child, she made the decision that she would breastfeed her baby. After her new bundle of joy arrived, she never expected that her body would throw yet another curveball at her when she suddenly felt “full body shakes” and wasn’t feeling well in general. However, things quickly went from bad to worse when she looked at her breast, and what she saw left her screaming in terror.

The young mother was suffering from “full body shakes, headaches, and one ‘EPIC engorged boob,'” according to IJ Review. Come to find out, she had a condition known as mastitis, where an infection occurs in the breast tissue. The causes include “a blocked milk duct which can happen when a breast doesn’t completely empty after a baby nurses, clogging the milk duct and causing milk to back up, or from bacteria entering the breast.”

Mom Suddenly Has "Full Body Shakes," Screams When She Looks At Her Breast
Lindsey Bliss’ breast with mastitis (Source: Daily Mail)

The worst part of it all; this isn’t the first time it’s happened to her. As a mother of seven, she’s experienced the condition on several occasions and has found herself asking, “Why does this keep happening?”

Clearly, it’s not something that is comfortable to experience, and it can be extremely painful for the mother. However, there is one thing Lyndsey wants people to know – Don’t stop breastfeeding. In fact, Sarah Cox, a professional policy advisor at the Royal College of Midwives agrees.

“The most important thing to do is to not stop feeding …The best way to release the blockage is to keep feeding, even if it is sore,” she explained, according to PopSugar. “Women can also gently massage their breast to help get the milk moving down the ducts more freely.”

Mom Suddenly Has "Full Body Shakes," Screams When She Looks At Her Breast
Lindsey Bliss and her baby (Source: Daily Mail)

Unfortunately, women affected with this condition often stop breastfeeding, but that’s the last thing they should do. “The best thing for any woman suffering is to have your baby emptying that breast,” Cox emphasized.

It does not harm the baby and assists the mom to overcome the problem. However, the mother should still be seen by a doctor, as antibiotics are sometimes necessary to kill the infection, and there are antibiotics that can be prescribed that will not harm a breastfeeding child.

It’s important for women who plan to or are currently breastfeeding to know about these issues that they may face ahead of time. The first few months of breastfeeding can be overwhelming and difficult, but if the mom diligently continues, it gets easier, and the rewards far outweigh the troubles one may experience.

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