Mom Horrified By What’s In Son’s Hand After Choking On Sip Of Smoothie

Mom Horrified By What's In Son's Hand After Choking On Sip Of Smoothie
Colorado Springs, CO Burger where incident occurred (left), Leslie Grogg (right)

A Colorado mother ordered a smoothie for her son at a busy Burger King, thinking that the fruity beverage would be the perfect treat for her child. When he took a sip and began to violently convulse from it, she was horrified by what she found in his hand.

Leslie Grogg swung by the fast food joint in Colorado Springs for a quick bite to eat, which almost instantly turned into a horrifying ordeal that would leave her vowing to never visit a fast foot restaurant for years to come. Part of that promise to herself and her family was because of the disgusting response she got from a manager at the burger joint when she asked for help.

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Grogg’s young son, Isaac Tafoya, took a big refreshing swig of his smoothie, when he immediately complained about “something sharp” in his throat. Seeking relief from the discomfort and hoping to wash it down, he slurped some more of his smoothie, which sent him into a coughing fit. That’s when Grogg saw what had spewed from her son’s mouth and landed in his hand.

Large chunks of sharp pieces of plastic in the boy’s drink had irritated his throat, but they dislodged with his violent coughing. When his mother realized what her son had consumed, she fished through what was left in his cup and found more of the same where that came from. When she brought it to an employee’s attention, she was shocked by what they told her.

Mom Horrified By What's In Son's Hand After Choking On Sip Of Smoothie
Isaac Tafoya (center), Sharp plastic pieces found in son’s Burger King smoothie (right and left)

After her son’s throat was cleared and his mom discovered more in his drink, she approached the manager with her concerns about what had happened. Although she assumed that she was talking to a decent human being, the manager proved her wrong with an insulting one-word response that added insult to the boy’s injury. The upset mother didn’t get an apology. Instead, the employee’s only response was “goodbye,” KRDO reported.

“At what point do they have to be responsible, at the same point that I would have to be responsible? You can’t serve people anything in their food,” Grogg said to the news station, in complete disbelief of how a representative of a big business handled a dangerous situation.

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On top of it all, Grogg wasn’t seeking grounds for a lawsuit and still has not plans to pursue that, saying all she wanted was a little compassion and an “I’m sorry.” None of that is too much to expect, but the Burger King manager didn’t think that dealing with it was her responsibility and told the rightfully irate customer to take her complaints somewhere else, where it didn’t put a damper on her day.

While the bad actions of one aren’t indicative of all fast food employees, instances like these are becoming more common place, as the minimum wage for these positions rises on demand. Minimally qualified and barely committed employees are being rewarded with a higher hourly rate without doing anything extra to earn it. When undeserved handouts are given, dedication to doing a good job decreases, simply because of an entitlement mentality.

Customers suffer, and businesses pay the price in the long haul. Thankfully, the child in this deplorable Burger King incident recovered without issue, but the same can’t (and shouldn’t) be said for the franchise location, who put the wrong people in place to represent their business.

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h/t: [KRDO NewsChannel 13]