Mom Told To Come Pick Kid Up From School, Smells Burning Flesh On Arrival

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A Georgia mother received a call in the middle of the day, while her child was in class. It was school administrators casually telling her she needed to come pick her student up early without providing further detail. However, when she arrived, she could smell the burnt flesh and was instantly horrified by what had happened.

Lanier High School (background), Brooke Graves (inset)

Brooke Graves is demanding answers and getting nothing but ridiculous excuses after her son is now severely scared. The school doesn’t think it’s a big deal. The teen at Lanier High School in Sugar Hill was intentionally branded on his arm, much like an animal, leaving burnt and scarred skin. When administrators were asked what was going to be done about it, Graves was slapped with a massive insult to her son’s injury.

The hearing-impaired teen is often targeted in class by a set of bullies who are apparently allowed to do whatever they want at the public school, including burning another child in the presence of a teacher. According to WXIA, Graves’ boy was sitting alone in chemistry when a pair of poorly raised future criminals came up to him with metal tongs one had just heated up and held it on her son’s arm. Admiring their abusive “work” the bully laughed and shouted, “We branded you like that fat pig that you are,” the victim’s mother told the news station.

Having been beaten and bullied enough by these kids, the handicapped victim was afraid to complain, but the teacher saw it. In that moment, the teacher could have marched the bullies down to the principal’s office and demanded expulsion for the unacceptable damage done to another, but instead, they chose to send the burned child home.

While the latter was the correct approach to having been injured, it’s no excuse for doing nothing to address the act. Graves asked the school resource officer if there was going to be any recourse against the student responsible for this, and she was simply told, “Boys will be boys.” While she understands being picked on is part of adolescence and teaches her own child to “suck it up” most of the time, she said this goes far beyond typical rough-housing.

Calling what the student did a crime – which in the adult world, it would be – she doesn’t understand why administrators are allowing this. “That child should not be in that school,” Graves said. “It should be clear-cut that he should be expelled right now.”

It’s bad enough that so many parents don’t do their jobs in raising children to be respectful, but when schools excuse the poor behavior and don’t protect innocent kids entrusted to them, it makes a bad issue even worse. If they don’t think being branded with hot metal is anything to worry about, then they should roll up their sleeve and bring the bully in to do it to their skin.