Mom Of Liberal Transgender Teen Has 3 Simple Words For Leftists They Hope You Never Hear

The mother of a teen girl who’s “transitioning” into a boy just directed 3 simple words at liberals, and it’s exactly the response they don’t want getting out in the open.

Mom Of Liberal Transgender Teen Has 3 Simple Words For Leftists They Hope You Never Hear
After raising her gender-confused teen daughter Danielle (right), mother Kristie Sisson (left) has 3 simple yet powerful words for the progressive left. (Photo Credit: Facebook, GoFundMe)

Despite telling the Christian majority to keep their beliefs to themselves, the left has forced their LGBTQ ideology into the education system, systematically targeting children as young as possible with their ultra-sexual, anti-science propaganda. Disturbingly, this has created a global movement that centers around the logical fallacy that one can be whatever they wish.

While they admit that gender identity is a matter of the brain and hormones, this gender confusion is being treated as a cosmetic and biological issue, leading children whose brains aren’t even fully developed to mutilate their own bodies. Expectedly, this solution is nothing more than a physical Bandaid on a psychological issue that only causes its victims further confusion and depression.

When North Carolina resident Kristie Sisson’s teen daughter Danielle told her that she wanted to begin “transitioning” into a male, she was completely taken aback. Though Danielle had always maintained feminine behavior, attitude, and characteristics, she suddenly decided that she would fit in better at her high school as a boy.

Although Kristie knew her daughter was being indoctrinated by the liberal propaganda at her new private high school, she continued to love and guide her. However, in just 6 months, Danielle made the life-changing choice to transition into the male form.

Kristie soon witnessed medical and psychological professionals hastily jumping on board with Danielle’s delusion, fearful of being politically incorrect. Now that her 18-year-old daughter has made the decision to become a transgender lesbian in just a few short months, Kristie has a powerful response. While giving an interview with Breitbart, Kristie boldly exclaimed that the left’s transgender movement is not only a radical ideology that we must fight but also that it’s undeniably “harming our children.”

“I feel like it’s the parents against the world,” the mother explained. “The therapists, the doctors, the schools – everyone is pushing this very liberal agenda and this transgender movement, and it’s harming our children,” she continued.

“People have glorified this movement. Children like my daughter who had been seeking acceptance, now have found a group of people that they feel has accepted them. And it’s all a lie. Her whole life has boiled down to this movement. She believes this is what she has to do to be happy for the rest of her life,” Kristie added.

“I feel like this is the new trend – there are many girls and boys claiming to be transgender, and it’s just not true. They’re trying to find acceptance, and as parents, we have to fight it – we have to fight this radical movement,” she declared.

Kristie revealed that ever since they suspected that an elementary school music teacher had sexually abused her, Danielle had become increasingly depressed and reclusive. The girl later began smoking pot, drinking, and expressing suicidal thoughts.

Before long, she was latching onto every ideology she came across in a futile attempt to find herself, including mutilating her body with razors after attending a school presentation about “cutting” and becoming a vegan like one of her friends.

Kristie explained that Danielle only began to showcase signs of gender confusion after she was transferred to a private school in North Carolina. There, the high school senior started to express that she didn’t fit in because she wasn’t a “tall, thin, blond” girl like the rest of her female classmates.

This self-deprecating made Danielle easy prey for the left, which quickly convinced the susceptible young girl that she was born the wrong sex. Danielle soon found worth in the friendships of lesbian and transgender teens, prompting her to begin “mimicking” their behaviors and thought process.

“I never told her she could not be friends with either of these girls,” [Kristie] Sisson says, noting Danielle seemed to change drastically in the fall of 2016 when she became friends with two girls at the private school who had begun the transition process to become boys. At that point, Danielle told her parents she wanted to dress like a boy.

Kristie revealed that although Danielle had already been prescribed anti-depressants for what was clearly a psychological disorder, a doctoral-level nurse began referring to her daughter as “he” within 30 minutes of meeting her. It was soon after that medical professionals started to worsen Danielle’s mental health issue by offering a physical solution. Although one doctor advised Danielle not to make this life-changing decision so quickly, the teen had already been indoctrinated with the left’s lies.

“He told her you need to slow down, you don’t just jump in and start taking hormones, and you’ve got a lot of changes that are taking place right now in your life,” Sisson recalls. “He told her you need to graduate high school, enjoy your summer, go off to college, get used to living on your own, and focus on your school work. Come back and see me in December.”

Recently, Kristie had to make one of the most difficult decisions of motherhood. After realizing that she couldn’t stop Danielle from making this grievous mistake, she knew that she couldn’t support the mutilation of her own daughter. Kristie and her husband stopped paying for Danielle’s college tuition since the teen had refused to speak with them about her decision to transition into a boy.

Like clockwork, the left once again seized the opportunity to drive a wedge between the family unit, acting as a safe place for Danielle. Within 8 hours, liberals had raised over $13,000 for Danielle to receive the medical procedures that would strip her of her womanhood.

“Danielle is going to end up mutilating her body,” [Kristie] laments. “She wants to have a mastectomy. She wants to have a hysterectomy.”

This is the ideology of the left — destroy the family, indoctrinate the youths, and raise up amoral generations to carry on their political agenda. Liberalism is more dangerous than a foreign enemy because it destroys a nation from the inside.

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