Mom Who Spent Life Savings On Lottery, Now Using Kids To Recoup Her Loss

Mom Who Spent Life Savings On Lotto Tix, Now Using Kids To Recoup Her Loss
Cinnamon Nicole

While it’s typically good advice to set your mind to something and give it your all, it’s not wise to apply that plan to using your life savings at a chance to win the lottery. Despite the odds being far from in her favor, one ghetto mom threw all caution – and every cent her family had – to the wind, thinking that she would be the winner of the Powerball jackpot. Now, she’s trying to recoup the cost of her losing tickets in a sick scheme that involves her children.

Cinnamon Nicole from Cordova, Tennessee probably didn’t bother doing the math while deciding how much to spend on Powerball tickets, when it came to her actual chances of winning. In her ridiculous mind, she simply decided that she would increase her chances by buying all the tickets every cent of her savings would allow and that would somehow generate a return on investment (ROI) of at least a few million dollars. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t. Now she’s completely broke and demanding other people pay for her mistake, by pawning off her children for the cause, according to Yahoo News.

Using the popular crowdfunding site GoFundMe, Cinnamon posted a petition to anyone dumb enough to donate to her cause, in hopes of not just getting out of the financial despair they’re now in, but to ultimately “spend another fortune trying to hit it big again.” Evidently, it worked for at least the first $800 she got in just seven hours, Vibe reported. Then, GoFundMe decided that they weren’t going to let her make a mockery of the authentic people on the site raising money for sick and injured loved ones and removed her degenerate page in response.

Before it was taken down, Cinnamon thought she was pulling on people’s heartstrings, explaining the plight she’s caused her family. But there was no remorse for putting her kids in “dire need of cash,” only sadness for losing the lotto and a welfare attitude of expecting other people to fix her finances for her. “PLEASE, won’t you help a family in need. DONATE NOW,” she wrote, sounding a lot like a late night infomercial for starving kids in third world countries.

This mother has proved that she’s incapable of making even halfway decent decisions on behalf of her children’s well-being, and she needs to be looked at by child welfare services. But this instance also brings to light a nauseating problem brought about by an entitled society.

Crowdfunding is often misused and abused by people advertising for donations for frivolous things like a vacation, cosmetic surgery, or front room furniture. I’m not referring to important causes like illness, injuries, disasters, etc., but for things that people don’t need and haven’t earned, but want other people to pay for. What Cinnamon and others like her did hurts the real causes for what these sites were intended to help. Bravo to GoFundMe for shutting this ridiculous woman down, before she capitalized on her 15 minutes of social media fame and raised more than a cancer patient who actually deserves the donations.

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