Mom Goes Looking For Lost 4-Year-Old, Discovers Muslim Refugee’s Sick Plans

Mom Goes Looking For Lost 4-Year-Old, Discovers Muslim Refugee's Sick Plans
A desperate mother was led to a secluded grotto where she discovered why a refugee had abducted her child.

A mother was at an indoor water park when she quickly realized her 4-year-old little boy had gone missing. After following the trail of a Muslim asylum seeker, she immediately knew that her son’s abduction had nothing to with the little boy, but was all part of a much more sickening plot.

There’s little more terrifying than the panic a parent feels when their child goes missing. This was exactly what happened to a 37-year-old mother when she discovered her son wasn’t playing in the kiddie pool where she left him, but had been led away by a migrant for an ever darker purpose.

The Daily Mail reports that a 4-year-old boy was abducted by an asylum seeker at an Austrian swimming pool, but not for the purpose of molesting the young child. The man, who barely spoke any German, placed the boy on his shoulders and left the children’s pool towards a secluded grotto behind a fake waterfall in order to lure the mother to him.

When the boy’s mother found her son in the play lagoon, she immediately snatched him from the migrant, but not before he attempted to carry out his initial plan of raping the woman. The refugee pushed the child aside and instead began groping the mother, shoving his hands in her bathing suit.

The desperate mother managed to fight off the attacker and flee with her child, but not without suffering the trauma of being sexually assaulted herself. Unfortunately, the attacker was able to escape, and police are searching for a dark-skinned asylum seeker most likely in his 50s.

Syrian Refugees Rape Teen German Sisters In Public Pool
The attempted rape is just one of a string of sex attacks at swimming pools across Europe, which Germany has foolishly attempted to resolve by complying with Sharia-ordered gender segregation.

Of course, sexual assaults on women and children at European swimming pools are nothing new. In fact, these attacks have gotten so bad that Germany has begun segregation of men and women in their water parks. This is just a first step in the Islamization of the West towards obeying Sharia law.

In a desperate attempt to ward off the flood of migrant rapists in Sweden, a group of bikini-clad women have taken to patrolling swimming pools after victims of sexual assault by asylum seekers came forward.

“That is why we started patrolling the swimming pools — the place where women are most exposed,” Siri explained. “Swimming pools have become prime hunting grounds in Europe for gangs of men looking to prey on vulnerable women.”

One of the most recent victims is a 10-year-old boy who was brutally sodomized in Vienna by a 20-year-old Iraqi refugee who claims he had a “sexual emergency.” The boy’s mother later stated that she deeply regrets teaching her son that refugees should be welcomed into their country with open arms.

In January 2016, citizens watched in horror as shameless Muslim refugees performed public sex acts in a jacuzzi in Germany. They then turned their attention towards female customers, attempting to force their way into the women’s changing room to rape young girls.

A 17-year-old girl was recently raped in a Munich swimming pool by a gang of child refugees. When her 14-year-old friend tried to intervene, she was also sexually assaulted by the migrant teens.

Although these attacks are becoming a common occurrence throughout swimming pools in Europe, the answer isn’t to comply with their barbaric Sharia demands. There has never been a country that gave in to their growing Muslim minority and found peace in the aftermath.

For 1,400 years, Muslims have conquered their way across Europe, first by the sword and now more effectively though migration. They purport that changing our laws to suit their supremacist ideology will quell their violent behavior, but this only furthers their goal of Islamizing more countries.

What began as a religious migration by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad to Medina has since become a devout hijrah that’s transformed over 50 previously thriving, multicultural nations into oppressive Islamic wastelands. The same formula that has mutated Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and Egypt from beacons of progress into Sharia regimes is heading our way.

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