Mom Asked Man To Repeatedly Rape Daughter, The Reason Makes It Worse

After trolling a website for a fling, a Pennsylvania mother found her one-night stand, who she turned into her husband and potential baby daddy. Eventually, the mom asked him to repeatedly rape her daughter from a previous relationship, and it was all for one very sick reason.

Gary Machinshok (left) and Misty Machinshock (right)

When Misty Machinshock couldn’t get pregnant through natural means, the 33-year-old mother-of-two turned to heinous measures to get the third baby she wanted with her new man. She hadn’t always struggled with fertility, as she had two daughters, an 11-year-old and a 15-year-old, from at least one previous relationship. She was desperate for a third with her 29-year-old husband Gary Machinshok, so she devised a depraved plan for Gary to rape her teen, so the girl could conceive for the mother and carry the child on her behalf.

The couple “coached” the reluctant teen on the best positions for Gary to have sex with her to increase the chances of her becoming pregnant. Beginning in 2013, the girl’s stepfather began raping her “every few days” with the mother right by her side, even holding her daughter’s hand while Gary forced himself on her, according to the Daily Mail.

  • Misty Machinshok of Pennsylvania is no longer able to have children
  • She met Gary Machinshok on, he moved in with her
  • He raped her 15-year-old daughter ‘every few days’ throughout 2013 so Misty could have another child, she ‘coached’ them on the best positions
  • Gary, 29, also sexually assaulted her other daughter, 11
  • The two girls are now in foster care, Misty sentenced to 15-30 years

Machinshok planned to tell friends and family that her allegedly promiscuous daughter, who didn’t have a boyfriend, became pregnant by a stranger at a house party. But that plan failed and, thankfully, so did the daughter getting pregnant with the pervert, after the teen told a friend what had taken place. That friend told a teacher, who instantly reported the crime to police.

The disgusting mother has now been jailed for 15-30 years after pleading guilty to rape, aggravated assault, conspiracy, child endangerment, and other counts in January. Gary is set to be sentenced this month after pleading no contest to raping the child. He also admitted he didn’t spare the 11-year-old from his sick, sexual wrath, as he confessed to sexually assaulting her. But he won’t be charged for it since he struck a plea deal.

The prosecutor on the case,  Nancy Violi, put the couple’s crime bluntly, calling it “the most heinous” she had dealt with in her 14 years on the job. Meanwhile, others were seemingly less disturbed by the situation, namely Machinshok’s father, Bill Englert, who jumped to the defense of his disgusting daughter, claiming his granddaughter’s rape was “over-emphasized” by prosecutors, according to Inquisitr.

Both victims are now in foster care and will hopefully be able to find healing now that they are away from these monsters. It’s unknown why Machinshok was suddenly unable to get pregnant after she had managed to conceive twice before, but maybe it was nature’s way of preventing this woman from bringing another child into this world that she couldn’t care for in a healthy way. It’s just too bad it was at the cost of her current kids.

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