Mom Offers Sex With 10-Year-Old Daughter On One Extra Disturbing Condition

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A New Mexico mom made an offer to men, both at work and online, for the chance to have intercourse with her little girl. The list of people interested was horrifyingly long, but they were only allowed to take her up on the perverted offer by promising that they would do one thing while engaging in the act.

Michelle Martens (left) and Victoria Martens (right)

Prior to her gruesome death, which we previously reported, 10-year-old Victoria lived alone with her mom Michelle Martens in an average apartment complex in Albuquerque. They were known to many in the community, including local minister Laura Bobbs, who had no clue what was going on behind closed doors. Now, as the investigation continues, the secrets being exposed only get more disturbing.

“Jesus Christ. My poor baby, my poor baby,” Bobbs sobbed when learning about what this sweet child was forced to endure by her sadistic mother, her mother’s boyfriend, and the boyfriend’s convict cousin. “She never told us this was going on. I would ask her all the time, ‘Are you OK?’ She would tell me yes.”

For days leading up to her death, Victoria was forced to fulfill her mother’s twisted perversions as she allowed a stream of strange men into their home to sexually assault her daughter. Michelle met the rapists on the dating site Plenty of Fish and also at work, unabashedly putting the offer out there and getting takers.

The only thing she wanted in return for the opportunity to rape her daughter was to allow the mother to watch. She later admitted that she enjoyed watching her daughter’s torture, KMOV reported.

The sordid details of this disturbing crime and solicitation for sexual assailants were released after earlier news of the child’s horrific murder broke. After repeatedly being raped by several men in town, Michelle, her boyfriend Fabian Gonzales, and Gonzales’ cousin Jessica Kelley, who was just released from prison in time to help commit this brutal crime, all drugged Victoria with meth, stabbed, and strangled her, then set her body ablaze. The once bright-eyed little girl was found in her home, where she should have been safe but instead lived a nightmare, with parts of her dismembered body stuffed in various places.

Mom Offers Sex With 10-Yr-Old Daughter On One Extra Disturbing Condition
Michelle Martens (left), Jessica Kelley (center), and Fabian Gonzales (right)

For weeks, this torture went on before her life came to a sudden and sickening end. It’s unfathomable how everyone in her life and living on the other side of shared apartment walls from hers had no clue what was happening to this child day in and day out. Not a single person went to the police when the mother started soliciting aggressive sex with her 10-year-old, and the child died as a result of this silence.

Prisoners don’t take kindly to those who commit crimes against innocent children and will hopefully bring swift and brutal prison justice for these three people. They should be forced into the jail’s general population, and their cellmates should be permitted to sort out the karma that they deserve.