WATCH: Mom Proudly Posts ‘Incestuous’ Video, Viewers Sick When They Look A Little Closer

WATCH: Mom Proudly Posts ‘Incestuous’ Video, Viewers Sick When They Look A Little Lower
Leanne Allerton and her husband Lee (Photo Source: Facebook, YouTube)

A shocking clip is going viral for the wrong reasons after a mother of 4 decided to speak about motherhood. As it turns out, she thought it best to proudly post a video that many are calling “incestuous,” and viewers have been left absolutely sick after they watch it.

According to Mail Online, 35-year-old Leanne Allerton is rapidly growing her YouTube audience after a video of her has raked in a million views and continues to climb. Unfortunately for her, all the comments aren’t exactly positive.

Leanne thought she was going to post a clip that teetered on the brink of inappropriate and would be fiercely defended by the entitled left, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. In fact, her video has been branded “sick,” “evil,” and “twisted” after people saw what she was doing in it.

As can be seen in the YouTube clip, Leanne breastfeeds her children and has done so for all 4 of her kids for the past 8 to 9 years. However, there’s just one thing that takes this clip a bit “too far” for many, and that’s the fact that her 4-year-old daughter can be seen suckling at her mother’s breast in the lower portion of the frame.

Of course, it wasn’t long before viewers were quickly split just about down the middle with one side praising her and the other saying she had taken things too far. In fact, several people in the comments section said that the woman was taking part in an activity more closely related to “incest” than motherly duty.

In all, the strongest arguments were about what was best for the young girl. Although some said that she is getting vital nutrients from her mother, most seem to suggest the exact opposite, saying that she can’t get anything more from breast milk than she could through other foods she’s able to eat on her own on account of her age.

Furthermore, many also argued about the long term psychological effects that this may have on the child, seeing how she’s well within the age range where memories form long-term. A bond between a mother and child should be close and intimate, but many say never so close that the child remembers sucking on her parent’s “private part.”

Either way, Leanne seems happy with the fact that her video has been seen over a million times as she bragged about it on Facebook, but she isn’t telling anyone that it has just about as many “dislikes” as it does “likes,” meaning that many of those views came from people who disapprove.

At the end of the day, breastfeeding is absolutely necessary and anyone that tells you otherwise doesn’t understand the fact that they wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the practice. However, it is only required as a form of sustenance for a developing child who can not yet depend on themselves and their bodies to nourish themselves. Those who breastfeed beyond those years will have to accept the fact that not everyone will agree with it.

Many believe that once the child is able to feed themselves, babies are supposed to naturally be weaned from the breast as they can get what their bodies need elsewhere. Unfortunately, breastfeeding and the age of weaning will always be a controversial matter. Parents are always supposed to do what is best for their children, but not all parents will agree on what that might be, as the breastfeeding debate proves. The take away here is that if you don’t want to hear the opinions others may have, don’t publicly broadcast what you are doing on social media.

What’s more troubling than the age of her child who’s breastfeeding is the fact that the action, whether you believe it is right or wrong, is being used to garner a YouTube following. Is nothing sacred anymore? Some people will do anything for internet fame, including whoring out their kids for clicks. That’s the sad part of this story, not the breastfeeding itself.

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