Mom Shames Teen Daughter’s Sleazy Purchase With Epic Online Blast [PICS]

The fashion fight between mothers and their teen daughters is always a power of wills, where moms often want their daughter to be more covered while teens want to show some skin. But one Houston teen thought she would be clever and go behind her mother’s back, ordering a risqué crochet top that wouldn’t even suffice as a doily.

Mom Shames Teen Daughter's Nasty Purchase With Epic Online Blast [PICS]
Crochet Crop Top Daughter Ordered
The mother, who only wants to be identified by her first name Christy, was shocked when her 16-year-old daughter’s tiny package arrived, containing a “top” she ordered off Amazon. Evidently, the teen failed to read the reviews to know the photos online gave the shirt undeserved appeal. It was a barely there frock that Christy would never let her daughter leave the house in for obvious reason.

Upset by the purchase and false advertisement in even calling this a “one size fits all” wearable item, Christy took a photo of the purchase to upload her own epic review of the item on Amazon to show how ridiculously small it actually is. To do so, she found the perfect model that could actually fit in the tiny tangled ball of yarn — the family kitten.

Mom Shames Teen Daughter's Nasty Purchase With Epic Online Blast [PICS]
Christy’s Family Kitten Modeling Daughter’s Doily Top

“My 16-year-old daughter bought this thing. It is ridiculously small and I probably couldn’t legally post a picture of what she looks like if she attempts to wear it,” her hilarious review started out. “But, so you can see…here is a picture of our cat wearing it. To be fair, it does cover all of our cat’s nipples, however, she hates the weave. In summary, do not buy this, even for your cat,” Christy concluded.

Mom Shames Teen Daughter's Nasty Purchase With Epic Online Blast [PICS]

As it turns out, the price fits the product, in that the crop top was purchased for just $3.38 (plus free shipping) on the website. So at least it wasn’t a complete rip off. Maybe it could be used as a coffee cup koozie.

It’s a good thing this mother was on point and intercepted this order before her daughter could hide it under a sweatshirt on her way out the door. Most parents would agree that nobody, of any age or size, needs to be wearing this napkin. But for kittens and coffee cups, it works.

h/t: [EliteDaily]