Mom Has Sick Way To ‘Cure’ Son’s Autism, Makes Shock Admission In ‘Secret’ Facebook Group

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The lining of a child’s bowels (left), image for visual representation only (right) (Photo Source: Facebook Group CD Autism, stock photo)

A mother-of-three is being investigated by the police after openly admitting how she attempted to cure her young son of autism. The private Facebook group in which she made the shocking admission is used by mothers who believe autism is caused by “parasites” and can be reversed using a toxic “cure,” and what they are doing to their children is downright frightening.

The mother-of-three had police and social services knocking on her front door after she posted in the private group that she has been giving her young son bleach enemas because she believed his autism was caused by “parasites.”

Parents in the group believe that the horrific reactions their children have to the bleach “treatments” are a product of the “parasites” leaving their bodies. They even share pictures, like the one seen above, of their children’s horrifying symptoms and congratulate one another. The group has nearly 8,500 members with parents of autistic children joining in hopes of having somewhere to bond with like-minded people without the rest of the world ever knowing what they are making their children endure behind closed doors.

The “treatment” being used by these parents is known as CD (Chloride Dioxide) or MMS (Master Miracle Solution). It is administered orally or via enema and is being sold in the UK by online dealers and in person, according to Mirror. The mother-of-three in question admitted to administering “25 drops a day” to her son but becoming worried when he “seemed weak” and wouldn’t get out of bed.

An autism campaigner named Emma Dalmayne gained access to the Facebook [group] and caught the mom admitting to using the CD. Although, according to Dalmayne, she claims images, in fact, show children’s bowel lining that has been burned out of their bodies by the bleach and is mistaken for parasitic creatures. [Source: The Daily Mail].

Dalmayne is looking into having the government ban the treatment, and she started a petition to make all “autism cures” illegal since there is no known cure for autism. She already has over 54,000 signatures on her petition. “This treatment is not illegal at the moment but we need to get rid of it. These parents are so ashamed of doing it in the first place,” she said.

“These people are brainwashed by [proponents of CD and MMS], who say that those against this support ‘big pharma,'” added Dalmayne. “The biggest problem is that the government doesn’t do anything about this. This is not illegal yet. It is not illegal to use CD on your children and it needs to be.”

Dalmayne is receiving horrible backlash on the internet for wanting to put an end to this disgusting abuse. Most of the parents on the Facebook group are more discreet about their “cure,” giving advice to other parents on how to hide what they are doing.

These parents are doing so much harm to their helpless kids, it is heartbreaking. Conversations that are being had in the group discuss horrible reactions that the autistic kids are having to the chemicals being forced into their bodies.

One mother posted, “Hi everybody, my son has the last few days blue lips, is that normal?” Others respond, saying, “No, that is not normal. Check his heart.” The concerned mother replied, ‘”I’m worried now. What can it be? But it started after we used CD.” Another mother posted a graphic image of her daughter’s bowel lining that had been laid out on a piece of paper towel while a mother congratulated her, saying, “This is good. Keep doing enemas to pull them out.”

The Facebook group these mothers are communicating on needs to be shut down and banned with welfare checks made on all the children by the authorities and all the offenders jailed. It is disgusting that they believe their child’s disability is a disease that can be cured with bleach. They do not deserve to have children period. Poisoning their innocent children because of their own ignorance is pure evil.