Mom & Son Slapped With SICK Message From Man At Dinner, Respond In Shock

While grabbing some dinner with her young son at a Jack in the Box, a mother was slapped with a sick message from the man behind them. Shocked by the audacity of this degenerate, she paused a moment before deciding exactly what needed to be done, leaving the entire restaurant in disbelief.

Jack in the Box Fast Food Restaurant

The mother, who goes by La Peggy on Facebook, was in the drive-thru with her son in Goleta, California. The boy’s window was down, and the mother was getting ready to place her order but was waiting for the attendant to take it. In that brief moment, it was more than the man behind them could handle. His hunger was raging, and he wanted the family to hurry up with their order.

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Rather than honking, he went an even ruder route. According to La Peggy’s social media post, the fellow diner came up to her son’s side and called him a racial slur, saying, “Hurry up, ——-.” Horrified by the insult out of a grown man’s mouth to a child, La Peggy was filled with frustration of her own, but she came up with a creative way to handle it.

Rather than climbing out of her car and down the man’s throat for the offensive thing he said, she decided the bigger lesson was for her son, not the disgusting stranger. She placed her order and told the cashier that she would also like to pay for the man’s meal behind her. The worker rang it all up and gave her the receipt to sign, where she wrote a note to the man who had insulted them, which he would see when he was told that his meal was paid in full.

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Note mom “La Peggy” left on receipt for stranger

“We are not ——- ! We forgive you. Enjoy your dinner!” La Peggy added beneath the zeroed out balance he owed since she had the hater covered. “My son asked me why I paid for his food if he was mean, I explained that being nice to people is easy, you have to be nice to mean people, that’s the hardest thing to do,” La Peggy described in her post of the incredible teaching moment she passed on to her son, Fox 13 reported.

As with every move a parent makes, her child was watching and learning what kind of person to be by how she chose to react to an unjust situation. It’s become all too common that when someone says something to another person that they find racist or offensive, they feel that it’s grounds to act violently and that they are justified in employing blunt and even fatal force to get their point across.

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This perpetuates an ignorant society of people, who riot, burn down buildings, beat people in the street, and blame other people for why they had to do it when they don’t get their way. Societal issues and the cure for them start at home with what we teach our children by our actions. La Peggy showed her son to not just be better behaved than the man behind them, by ignoring what he had to say, but to fight ignorance and hate with love and kindness.