Mom Gets Caught Stealing Diapers, Rookie Cop’s Remedy Leaves Onlookers Stunned

Mom Gets Caught Stealing Diapers, Cop Makes "Rookie" Mistake That Leaves Onlookers Stunne
Stock photo of a mother shopping (left), Officer Bennett Johns at the store (right)

A young mother was buying some groceries in Laurel, Maryland when she would soon discover she didn’t have enough money for diapers. Instead of putting back some of her food, she decided to steal the necessary items. However, she was caught red-handed, but when a rookie cop showed up on the scene, it was how he dealt with her that left onlookers stunned.

While the 20-year-old mother was at her local grocery store, she realized that she didn’t have enough money for everything she needed and was caught on security camera stealing some baby diapers. After the police were called, Officer Bennett Johns with the Laurel Police Department arrived, and the rookie cop made a decision that left onlookers completely stunned.

In fact, he showed sympathy for the young mother and bought her the two packs of diapers that she tried to steal. However, he still wrote her a ticket for her actions, according to Inside Edition, but he knew she was just a desperate mother caught in a difficult place.

Mom Gets Caught Stealing Diapers, Cop Makes "Rookie" Mistake That Leaves Onlookers Stunne
Officer Bennett Johns purchasing two packs of diapers

“Though we often joke that our field trainees are still in diapers, it turns out that rookie Officer Johns was not buying these for himself,” the Laurel Police Department wrote in a Facebook post. “Though it’s but a snapshot of some of the work your officers are doing daily, we still wanted to take a moment to thank Officer Johns for not just fairly enforcing the law, but also showing empathy to an innocent child put in a difficult situation.”

Although Officer Johns may be a new officer on the force, he undoubtedly reminded every other officer in his department what they’re there to do – help the citizens of their city. Of course, it’s not always necessary for a police officer to use his own money to buy stuff for someone who was caught stealing, but like Johns, they can look beyond some obviously bad choices and see what the person is really going through – in this case, a young mother who was struggling to provide for her children.

Mom Gets Caught Stealing Diapers, Cop Makes "Rookie" Mistake That Leaves Onlookers Stunne
Officer Bennett Johns

“He is very humble and didn’t do it for the praise, he did it because it was the right thing to do—and we’re so proud of him,” admitted Audrey Barnes, City of Laurel Director of Communications, according to People. A mere $15 dollars spent helped a struggling young mother, and that’s exactly how God wants us to treat one another.

Our country has turned into a place where police officers are disrespected and bad mouthed more than they are praised. In reality, these men and women in blue are the people who ensure our nation is safe and put their lives on the line daily. There is no reason they should be condemned for what they do, and it’s instances just like this that prove they’re not as bad as some would like to portray them. In fact, it’s safe to say that they are the opposite of “bad” — they are the heroes of our country.