Mom Walks In On What Man Is Doing To Son, Takes Matters In Her Own Hands

On her son’s birthday, a Florida mom went looking for her son to celebrate, when she walked into a nightmare of a scene. Without hesitation, she took matters into her own hands to protect her child, regardless of what the outcome could mean for her, and she doesn’t regret what she did for a second.

Michelle Dinkins-Penland (left), Michelle’s home where incident happened (right)

Michelle Dinkins-Penland remembers her son’s 14th birthday on March 22 in a way no mother or child should. That’s when she found her boy outside with the man she had been married to for only a year, not realizing the monster that was in their home until it was too late. An argument between the man and the boy had begun, and it wasn’t going to end well for one of them as things quickly spiraled out of control.

According to WOFL, Mark Penland saw the boy on the patio and began yelling at him before winding up and slugging the kid as hard as he could. Michelle was there seconds later after hearing what was going on and desperately tried to break up the brawl, as her husband ruthlessly pulverized her helpless teen as well as her own mother who was also nearby.

The fight went from bad to worse when Mark punched Michelle in the face and threw her elderly mom to the ground. In the fit of rage, the madman continually threatened to kill her son, but he’d have to make it past his wife, which proved to be problematic when she pulled out her gun. Michelle shot her husband in self-defense, not intending to kill him but thinking she would hurt him and stop him in his tracks. However, her aim proved to be deadly for her husband.

Mom Walks In On What Man Is Doing To Son, Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands
Michelle’s black eye after Mark got to her

Through witness accounts of what happened and mounting evidence that showed Mark had broken the boy’s ribs and proved to be an imminent threat to life, Michelle was exonerated in his death, thanks to her right to protection under the Stand Your Ground law. The mother also has a Florida concealed carry permit and was found legally allowed to use deadly force in this scenario, WFLA reported.

“To me, it was just a horrible situation to make the choice of my child surviving, or shooting my husband,” the brave mother told the news station. The State’s Attorneys Office sided with Michelle as a stance in defense of all domestic violence victims, because they clearly understand who deserves protection, and it’s not the perpetrator as many other states fail to recognize with their gun laws.

“I feel like this was definitely a victory for domestic violence victims. Now, other victims of domestic violence can feel like they can protect themselves and their families,” a statement from the attorney’s office read.

Bravo to both the mother and the state of Florida for respecting the rights of gun owners and siding with the right people in this case. Many felt that Michelle should have been charged with Mark’s death, but that’s easy to say when they don’t live in daily fear for their lives as she and her son did, especially on this horrific birthday. The mother did what she needed to do for her son not to be killed, which could have happened in just one or two more hits, had the guy had the chance.